Pulse Report: Chief Keef's The Richest Broke Rapper Ever, Game On For GTA V, Baby Mama Drama Hits Middle School

Friday, Jan 25, 2013 1:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we find out why Chief Keef is quite possibly the richest broke rapper of all time, look at how involved The Game is in Grand Theft Auto V, shake our heads at baby mama drama taking over middle school and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Money In The Bank

Excuse me for a moment while I shed a tear and laugh my heart out all at the same time. The tear? Chief Keef is making more money than I could make in 25 life times. Interscope Records gave him SIX MILLION DOLLARS to sign with them! No wonder he turned his nose up at T.I. and Jay-Z and whoever else was hounding him last year. No offense Tip and Jigga, but just b/c y'all got a lot of money doesn't mean you're spreading the wealth. Just look at Young Dro and Memphis Bleek. Living in times when most rappers are getting underpaid and trashed out of their own contracts, especially when leaked to the public, it turns out Chief Keef's getting more money than we could have even dreamed of him getting. The numbers never lie:


Chief Keef may be "Finally Rich" -- as the title of his first album proclaims -- but the teenage rap star won't be able to spend most of his big-money pay check until he turns 18 in August, DNAinfo.com has learned. Chief Keef signed a three-album contract -- and a separate deal to control his own record label -- with Interscope Records that could pay the South Side gangster rapper more than $6 million over three years. A split of future royalties could make for an even bigger pay day, according to court papers. The terms of Chief Keef's record deal were made public in a Cook County chancery court filing that seeks a judge's approval for the rapper to finalize agreements with Interscope. Court approval of the contracts is required by law because Chief Keef, 17, is a minor. (DNA Info)

Did I mention it's SIX MILLION DOLLARS? Can y'all even put that into a real life perspective? Chief Keef is barely old enough to have a learner's permit to drive and he's signing SIX MILLION DOLLAR record deals? LOL!!! There's not even SIX MILLION DOLLARS in Monopoly, let alone in real life cash! Now, are y'all ready for that laugh? Turns out even though Chief Keef's got enough money to probably end violence in Chicago by investing in charities and community centers, he can't even touch a nickel of that paper yet.

chief-keef-2012-06-17-300x300.jpgJimmy Iovine & Dr.Dre

Chief Keef -- who is currently locked up in juvenile detention for 60 days -- also received at least $300,000 to cover the cost of recording "Finally Rich," which sold 50,000 copies during the first week it was released in December. Chief Keef's deals all depend on album sales. If "Finally Rich" doesn't sell at least 250,000 albums by December 2013, Interscope has the right to pull the plug on subsequent album releases -- two albums and a compilation of hits, according to the deal. In a separate three-year deal to establish Chief Keef's record label "Glory Boyz Entertainment" -- GBE for short -- Interscope Records forked over another $440,000 advance. That agreement calls for both Chief Keef and his manager, Rovan Manuel, to each be paid $180,000. The deal calls for 15-percent of Chief Keef's advance to be put in his trust fund, according to court papers. (DNA Info)

Can you imagine if he was 11 or 12 years old? A lot has changed since rappers were like Lil Bow Wow and caking up as kids. So even though he's got a lot of paper waiting for him, it's off-limits, by law, and still, there's so many clauses in that record deal that Interscope made sure they'd be all right if things didn't pop off. If he doesn't sell at "least" 250,000 albums by December, then they can yank the deal completely? SMH. Shady politics. I can't call it y'all, as good as it sounds, did Keef land a gold mine deal or did he get played as a sucker?

2. Game On

I can't take it anymore, what's really good with this Grand Theft Auto V? I'm not going to lie to y'all, as much as I love Grand Theft Auto IV, nothing is touching Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The boundaries that game passed is still amazing. You had CJ getting D-Bo'd out in the gym, munching on fast food, rolling with mad gangs, getting the freshest '90's haircuts and come on, doggy was even jumping out of planes. I loved all the games but San Andreas still sits in a class of its own. C'mon, the game even had Samuel L. Jackson as one of its main characters, no way you could top that on ANY of the other games. So with that being said, there's all this buzz about Game being involved. I've even some sites confirming that he's really on it, but let's keep it real, are we basing all of this on:


The GTA 5 release date for Xbox 360 and PS3 is fast approaching. Rocksta rhas confirmed the game's launch for spring 2013, and the latest rumor is that rapper "The Game" may show up to the next "Grand Theft Auto" party. Will "The Game" play a feature role when the GTA 5 release date arrives. We can't say anything for sure, but some new fan art released by the Money Gang Facebook page. What role will "The Game" play in GTA 5 when the release date arrives? Well we already know that "The Alchemist" has been brought on to compose a soundtrack that will play during missions. However, it's possible that "The Game" could be featured in the GTA 5 soundtrack. It's also possible that either the rapper of all of "Money Gang" may get their own "Grand Theft Auto" radio station. (iDigital Times)

The doggies over at Rockstar Games are a bit too creative to come up with some real-life version of Game being plastered over a GTA V sticker. So before we all start jumping up and down, let's realize this was FAN-MADE and doesn't confirm anything. And if the West Coast rapper being in the game (no pun intended) wasn't reason enough to doubt your sources, turns out you can't even believe release dates anymore.


According to commenter Nick Ritenour, he received a message from Microsoft telling him that the ship date for GTA 5 is on March 24, 2013. While I don't blame the site for posting this or even the commenter for being led on, here's a few reasons why this can'tbe Grand Theft Auto 5's release date. Firstly, Take-Two Interactive, who's the parent company of Rockstar Games, is also the parent company of 2K Games who has Irrational Games' BioShock Infinite dated on March 26. Unless the game (Infinite) is getting a delay we don't know about, there's no way Take-Two will cannibalize sales of Infinite by having it in the same month as Grand Theft Auto 5. It just won't make any business sense whatsoever, am I right? The next reason and what might be the most obvious one is March 24 is a Sunday. In the U.S., games are typically released on Tuesdays and seeing as GTA 5 is Take-Two's biggest game of the year, I doubt they'll release it on a Sunday of all days. Again, the commenter might really have received an email from Microsoft, but if I had to hazard a guess, that was a placeholder date more than anything. So long story short, don't believe any rumors or news that Grand Theft Auto 5 will be out on March 24. Who knows, though? Maybe Rockstar will throw fans a bone and reveal the real release date before the month's out. (Game Ranx)

Here's my little spiel, as much as I want to see GTV V drop and be basically a 2013 versio of San Andreas, all good things have to come in due time. As much as I want to think that Game will be on there and bring me back to my school days, rushing home to go defend my territory from rival gangs, I know it's time to kick back and let everything fall into place. So please, chill with the Game posters, GTA V release dates and bogus trailers. The game of the decade will be dropping sooner than later, let's just enjoy the anticipation.

3. Moment of the Week: Chief Keef's Middle School Baby Mama Drama

Are you kidding me? Without a doubt, this has to be one of the most classic "Moment of the Week" picks we have ever had in here. Just when you thought things could not get any worse for Chicago's Chief Keef, he ends up with some baby mama drama...FROM A MIDDLE SCHOOLER? I can't even stomach this story. I know he's only 17 and he's got a daughter, much like Lil Wayne during those early Cash Money days, but to have messed with a middle school girl, got her pregnant and then to get sued for child support? How many things are wrong with this picture?


17-year-old rapper Chief Keef is already getting a head start on his baby mama drama -- in fact, he's so far ahead of the game ... he allegedly impregnated a girl who's STILL IN MIDDLE SCHOOL ... and now, she's suing for child support. The girl filed the petition for child support in Chicago, claiming Keef -- real name Keith Cozart -- fathered a baby daughter with her back in 2011. The girl's exact age is unclear, but according to the docs, she currently attends a Chicago middle school -- meaning she was .. at MOST ... in 8th grade when she conceived the child, but could have been in 6th grade. Cozart -- who has since worked with Kanye West, Young Jeezy, and Rick Ross -- was 15 at the time. (TMZ)
In Illinois, it is considered a misdemeanor for two people under the age of 17 to have sex ... even if they're in a consensual relationship. When both parties are between 9 and 17 years old, the older person commits a crime called "criminal sexual abuse." Punishment for the crime includes a max sentence of one year in jail ... and a requirement to register as a sex offender for ten years -- but in reality, these cases are almost never prosecuted. The most likely scenario in which Keef would face a judge is if the girl's parents press charges -- but if that hasn't already happened, it probably won't. The girl is suing Keef for an undisclosed amount of child support, including health insurance and other medical expenses. Calls to both Keef's people and the girl's family were not returned. (TMZ)

And the wild thing about this whole entire incident is that he allegedly has a $6 million deal with Interscope Records? With that kind of money, why in the world would you mess with middle school girls? Granted, I get that the money came after he had his daughter but at the age of 15, don't you know about condoms? Kids shouldn't even be thinking about that stuff yet, really. I'm not going to sound like anyone's pops but if you're going to be getting down at such a young age, why not at least have protection? Wild.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Beyoncé Knowles-Carter

I'm feeling like it's time to do something a bit different in Mrs. Butterworth, y'all. For the longest, I've placed some of the juiciest, most moist and sweaty booties and bodies all throughout here, but I'm wondering if I'm going too hard? Pause. It's like, at what point does the formula get old? It seems like minus a few facial feaures and skin tones, would you really notice any difference between the average Mrs. Butterworth? Now think about this, what about seeing some of the more recognizable ladies in their most revealing outfits? I can't lie, this whole controversy with Beyoncé lip-synching at the inauguration kept her in my thoughts and so I had to put her in here. We'll see where this takes us, hopefully this will lead to featuring more of your favorite ladies (think Nicki Minaj, Halle Berry, Superhead, etc.) in here. Bey is officially a MILF and no one's complaining, especially me!




That's just not right. No need to see her booty-shaking, those GQ photos are no joke.

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

Let me just thank you all for letting me rant last week about Shawty Lo, well, his publicist in particular. I don't normally get "too" heated with things doggies say, but trying to paint him as a role model and somebody kids should look up to? SMH. Nah, never that. Well, it's back to business today and it's gotta start with Howard Stern going to far with 5-0 Cent. I give 5-0 a hard time too, but anal, Howard? C'mon Doggy. Then I've got to put Common on blast for a minute. After all this hype, you're saying Cruel Winter was a rumor? Nah. There better be an EP at least! A G-Unit reunion involving Game in 2013? LOL. We're still waiting for Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean to record together, nobody's looking for that. And Lupe Fiasco, he was already banned from Pulse Report in the past, but dogging out President Obama during inauguration weekend? You know better. Last but not least, I know they're not from Los Angeles, but the San Francisco 49ers not being Dr. Dre's Super Bowl pick? Stop it, Doc!

1. Howard Stern

Is Chelsea any good in bed? That's what I want to know. Tell her I call her Gator. She'll know what I'm talking about. Yeah, 'cause you've got to wrestle a gator. No kidding. She's that wild? Were you in love with her? Yeah, she's cool. Were you in love? I'm not gonna answer that question, Howard. Why not? Because I've got a reputation. Chelsea Handler ever give you anal? I'm never coming to your show again, Howard. That was the one, right there.

2. Common


Does G.O.O.D. Music really have a Cruel Winter album coming? Oh, yeah, nah, nah. I don't think that's happening. It was more of a rumor -- cats been creating, but everybody's been doing their solo album. So that's what that is.

3. Game's Manager

"I can't say it'll happen, I can't it won't happen, however, from a business perspective, I'm gonna attempt to make it happen," Tay said in an interview, referring to a G-Unit reunion including Game. "I think it'll be a wise business move on both parts. I'm thinking about tours, I'm thinking about merchandise, I'm thinking about all these other things that's lacking in the industry, and this is the perfect timing for that."

4. Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco was booted off an inaugural party stage last night in Washington after dedicating his 30-minute set to the song "Words I Never Said," Politico reports. The rapper, performing at an event hosted by StartUp RockOn, repeated the lyrics, "Limbaugh is a racist, Glenn Beck is a racist/ Gaza Strip was getting bombed, Obama didn't say sh*t/ That's why I ain't vote for him, next one either," for an usually long time and said he didn't vote for Obama. He was told to move to the next song, but refused and was escorted off the stage.

5. Dr. Dre

He's from California (Compton to be exact) ... but Dr. Dre tells TMZ he's not backing his home state team in the Super Bowl ... 'cause he's a HUGE Ray Lewis fan. Dre was leaving Boa in Hollywood last night when he told us he'll be supporting the Baltimore Ravens on Feb. 3 when they take on the San Francisco 49ers. "I'm excited for Ray Lewis," Dre said ... "He's a good guy and I'm a fan of his ... I'm wishing the best for him."

***It's the Pro Bowl this weekend and all I can think about is the Super Bowl being over and done with so that I can start thinking about the miracles my Jets have for the off-season. I don't know about y'all, but this basketball season has been a ride. Who would have thought that the all-mighty Los Angeles Lakers would look so weak and depleted? Even the Miami Heat are struggling at home against lesser teams like Toronto Raptors. LOL. It's going to be a wild finish after All-Star Break. Stay warm wherever you guys are and I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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