5 Reasons Best Of 2012: Alicia Keys' Signature Reebok Collection: "I Get An Instant Attitude...All Of A Sudden I Feel Extra Tough & On It!"

Thursday, Jan 17, 2013 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Alicia Keys

[Alicia Keys' Signature Reebok Collection marks day four of our look back at the top products featured in 2012. From campaigning for Obama to saving the world one child at a time, A Keys still found time to rock out with her first love: sneakers! The R&B diva partnered with Reebok's lifestyle division to give fans some fashion-forward kicks. If you haven't gotten yours yet, check out the girl with an Empire State of Mind's top five reasons to buy her sneaker collection!]

1. What Men Will Want

They're super, super cute. I think women will know--'cause I'm designing for women--women will know that boys always get the better sneaker. That's what I'm trying to make sure doesn't happen anymore. I want guys to be like, Man, that's crazy; I would wear that!

2. Chic Appeal

You gotta buy it because it's sleek and it's tough at the same time. It's not too boxy and big, but at the same time it has a toughness to it that I love.

3. I Said So!

You have to buy it because I said so ... and they're so comfortable!

4. Be Inspired To Be Different

You have to buy [them] because I think it gives you an attitude a little bit. When I put on these (points to high top sneakers), I get an instant attitude. But a good attitude. All of a sudden I feel extra tough, and on it! I just feel kinda different. So [they're] gonna inspire you, and bring things into you that you didn't know that you had.

5. Make Everyone Jealous

The fifth reason you should buy [them] is to make all your friends jealous! [You can say], "Sorry!"

You decide. Will you hit the store and express your love for sneakers just like Alicia?

To preview/purchase Alicia Keys' Signature Reebok Collection, just click here.

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