Guest Star: "A Lot Of People Watch The Movies - But Compton Is Just Like Everywhere Else"

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013 3:25PM

Written by SOHH for Compton Menace

[With Compton blowing up courtesy of Kendrick Lamar and Game's new albums, hometown native Compton Menace speaks on the buzz going around his neck of the woods and putting out quality music straight outta Compton.]

A lot of people get to watch the movies and hear everybody talk about Compton but Compton is just like everywhere else. Really.

There ain't no difference in Compton from Yonkers or Miami or anywhere else because every place is the same in a way.

I don't know, Compton is crazy because it's got a big story to live up to. A lot of people talk about it and say what's going on but you've really got to experience that to know. It ain't really no difference though.

I don't feel the pressure to live up to those who came before me at all because I ain't ever been the competition dude. I've been the dude that feels like I'm doing me. It's me at my best. If I'm doing whatever I can, then you're going to respect my best.

I'm just ready to show everybody my all. I want to put it down until it can't be lifted.

With my music, I like to interact with the people. I just want to give them as much free stuff as they can get just so they can appreciate when they buy something from me as far as everything. Me, I'm bringing merchandising; clocks, jewelry, lighters, everything I can bring because it's more than just music.

It's always bigger than the music. I want to bring something for the fans to take so they can relate to it with whatever they have going on in their lives and something that's real. They're going to relate to it because it's real and at the same time they get an opportunity to stock up on some good music, items and more.

A rapper from Compton, California, Compton Menace officially hooked up with Black Wall Street in 2008. He is a member of the once signed group, "Goon Squad" and has made a name for himself collaborating amongst the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Game, Birdman, Bow Wow, Cash Money/Young Money and more.

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