Guest Star: "A Company That's Resisting Hip-Hop Is Just Resisting Their Future"

Friday, Jan 11, 2013 3:45PM

Written by SOHH for Ice Cube

[With Oakland Raiders fans still rocking to Ice Cube's "Come & Get It" NFL Pepsi anthem heading into the play-offs, the West Coast rap vet gives SOHH readers his take on why musicians like himself, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are teaming up with the mega soft drink company.]

I think ever since Pepsi started working with Michael Jackson back in the day, they've always been looking for an edge. It's for a whole new generation. That's the slogan and was for a while.

I think it's just kind of natural. They were working with Kanye West for a minute before he made the whole "Bush doesn't like black people" statement. To me, it's only right to work with Pepsi.

A company that's resisting hip-hop is just resisting their future because young or old, no matter what color you are, you've been exposed to Pepsi working with your favorite hip-hop artist. Most companies should just come on in and not try to avoid hip-hop and pop culture.

Pepsi has been smart about it.

They're totally open with my ideas and they were down for my "Come and Get It" record. Pepsi doesn't interfere at all. What they do is tell you there are certain buzz words they don't want you to use. They didn't want me to talk about concussions or anything that deals with that part of the game.

As far as music and rhymes, we just couldn't cuss on it or nothing like that but for the most part, it's kind of like letting you do what you do.

I think if you are an artist endorsing a product, you have to keep your creative control to a certain extent. If not, the company doesn't know what you need to do but they want you to stand behind their product because they know you have a fan base so you have to be able to give the fan base what they need as well as them.

Companies are smart if they really let the artists do what they do best and sell their product at the same time.

Rapper. Producer. Actor. Icon. That's the only way you can summarize the career of Ice Cube. The Los Angeles born entertainer has had one of the most iconic careers: one that includes legendary rap groups, blockbuster movies, and a growing television career. While Ice Cube has shown he's a jack of all trades, his claim to fame started with his critically acclaimed rap career which has him on the list of greatest of all time. Throughout his career, there has been one thing that has been prevalent in all things Ice Cube: his love of sports, especially the Oakland Raiders. Cube made the Oakland Raiders hat synonymous with his look, so it made choosing an artist for the Raiders anthem pretty easy.

Check out Ice Cube's Pepsi page and "Come & Get It" music video:

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