News: 50 Cent Can't Dodge Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Chatter, Envisions G-Unit Reunion

Friday, Jan 18, 2013 3:24PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rapper 50 Cent has addressed fans' interest in seeing estranged associate Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo all come back together for a full-fledged G-Unit reunion.

While he would not pinpoint a date, Fif said a reunion is very realistic.

And can G-Unit fans expect a reunion in the near future? "There's a possibility you'll see us work together at some point," said Curtis, who acknowledged that the members have grown apart over the years. "You just accept it. Trying to hold it together is just going to drive you crazy at some point." (Rap-Up)

Earlier this month, Curtis Jackson said he had more interest in his solo project than a group record.

And, he says, there's a good chance of a reunion with G-Unit partners Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. "People grow in different directions," 50 Cent says. "[They] have different agendas about things they want to do and they're sorting themselves out in that way and I'm focused on things that are important to me right now, but there's a strong possibility there will be a G-Unit [collaboration] with the three of us. But right now, I'm focused on my solo project." (Billboard Biz)

A few days ago, footage of Fif and Tony Yayo performing together in Puerto Rico popped up online.

50 Cent and his G-Unit compadres return today with something new for our viewing pleasures. The fellas recently took a trip down to Puerto Rico for an impromptu, surprise performance in the island nation. Before the fellas hit the stage they allow us to ride shotgun as they ride around the island checking out hot spots, females, and more. Before you know it, 50, Yayo, and the rest of the Unit hit the stage to give the PR fans exactly what they wanted, a dope show packed full of many of their hits. (Stupid Dope)

Back in November, G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid talked about trying to reunite 50 and Banks.

"I mean I don't even know man, I tried to like talk to them. Fif says he hasn't heard from him, I don't know man. They're supposed to be cool, I don't think there are any major problems. From what I know, they're cool. They were all at Chris Lighty's funeral. You will hear it from him (50). He will give you the view points on Banks and the whole situation with the Unit. But from what I know, they're cool. But 50 will let you know and explains the situation better." (HHNM)

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