Guest Star: "We're Just Getting The Politics Straight - I've Got To Kill The Competition"

Monday, Dec 3, 2012 2:10PM

Written by SOHH for Uncle Murda

[With his The First 48 mixtape release date pushed back to early December, Brooklyn's Uncle Murda gives SOHH readers the inside on its minor delay and how he got comedian Mike Epps to host the project.]

The First 48 mixtape was just another way for me saying murder. That's the reason why I named it The First 48.

I had to push it back because I had to take care of some things with the label [Epic], which is a good thing. They just wanted to get more onboard with the mixtape. Everybody is on the same page, that's a good thing. Hopefully it should be ready within the next week and a half, two weeks.

The mixtape is done and ready to go. We're just getting a little bit of the politics straight and want to set the movie up the right way because I've got to kill the competition.

I've got my boy Mike Epps on there, hosting the mixtape to give it that little bit of sense of humor so [the critics] don't say it's too violent. Plus, as you get the violence, you get to laugh a little bit as well.

That's like my brother right there. One of my boys who is actually from Brooklyn hooked me and Mike Epps up and once we met each other and vibed, that's just been my n*gga ever since.

Whenever Mike Epps comes to New York or is doing something, he hollers at me, I go to his events, I take him to the parties after that, we just bug out.

The same thing is true with me and him. When I went down to Atlanta, he was hosting the BET Hip-Hop Awards, I hit him up and we just bug out. That's my guy right there.

Uncle Murda is a New York rapper known for his East New York roots. Signed to Def Jam by Jay-Z in the mid-2000's, Murda has collaborated with tons of big acts including Jay-Z, Jim Jones, DJ Green Lantern, French Montana, Jadakiss, Styles P and more. Murda is currently signed to Epic Records.

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