News: Raekwon Says He Wants Wu-Tang Reunion But Under One Major Condition [Video]

Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 9:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

New York rap veteran Raekwon recently discussed the anticipation for a full-fledged Wu-Tang Clan reunion in honor of their 20 year run in the rap game and detailed the importance of it going down properly.

Along with wanting the reunion done the "right" way, Rae also hinted at a possible Wu reality show coming together.

"We've been talking about these things and it's important for us to know we're going to do it right," Rae said in an interview. "It's been speculations and at the end of the day, I can't see us not doing it in the greatest way and the right way neither. I don't want to do it any other way but the right way. So we've been talking about doing a couple of different things, you know? Maybe you might get an opportunity to see the Wu do they own reality show or something that makes sense to the masses for the last 20 years." (HHNM)

Coincidentally, Rae expressed his issues with the team not fully coming together last month.

"You know, it's a lot of discussion about it but it's not consolidated yet. We know, as a group, 20 years in the business is something serious. It was a couple conversations about it but it wasn't brought to the attention that it needs to be brought to. Everyone's so nonchalant about sh*t, like they don't know if it's going to happen. For me, it's like I don't respect that because it should happen. It should happen in a way where it can help us from all the sh*t we've been through. We've made a lot of money of course and we've lost a lot of money. It kinda put certain cats in certain situations where, you know, this can help your right now. At the end of the day, it could help all of us but it could help the ones that really need to be helped in a greater way and it could put us back where we need to be financially, back in the game as one of the iconic groups in the game but it takes a lot of loyalty, it takes a lot of love and it takes a lot of respect. I want to see it happen but more importantly, I want to see it done the right way." (Global Grind)

Earlier this month, the Wu's Masta Killa hit up SOHH and spoke on the delayed regathering.

"The reunion already started, man," Masta told SOHH. "You know what I'm saying? [laughs] That's something natural. That's like coming home for Thanksgiving. Sometimes all the family shows up, sometimes you might be missing a brother and you're like, 'Ah man! It would have been the bomb if he had came.' You know? We're gonna do what we do naturally but I'm definitely looking forward to bringing it all back together and holding up the 'W' again. Whenever that comes, just know it's coming. Just know it's coming." (SOHH)

Recently, Clan head RZA said his Wu brethren have not yet displayed their full rap potential.

"I think Wu-Tang is an extremely talented group of people, immensely, and knowing the power that we have, I feel like we never fully displayed it," he tells MTV News. "It's always been spurts. It's never been a concentrated laser-beam focus -- [except] maybe the first year or two, when it was just me driving that ship -- but I think that now it's become more of shotgun effect. It's just scattered, and it hits targets but I would love for us to go back into a laser-beam focus and to put out not only a recording, but [also] a live show that's as entertaining and enhancing as the mind power we give." (MTV)

Check out Raekwon's interview:

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