Guest Star: "Once The Door Opened For Me, I Just Took It & Ran"

Monday, Dec 24, 2012 5:10PM

Written by SOHH for Denzil Porter

[With the release of his long-awaited Porter's Pot finally here, rap newcomer Denzil Porter gives SOHH readers the scoop behind his newest project and what fueled its content.]

The motivation for Porter's Pot, it actually came off the fly. I was just recording, working on a project and then I got a call from somebody that said "Yo, you should do it like this," and the concept kind of just jumped right into place.

It kind of motivates people who think that they need a co-sign. And that's not words from me, you gotta hear the mixtape to understand what I mean. It's reaching out to people who think they need a co-sign who feel they need that in their lives. Somtimes you've just got to let your moves speak for themselves.

I definitely experimented. What I wanted to do is to show people that I'm bigger than what you think. I'm not just a rapper, I can do a lot, I can be that big entertainer that you want to see. I'm not just gonna rebel and make music. So that's what I'm doing with Porter's Pot.

Porter's Pot is really Porter's Potential. I want to show people the potential of the stuff I can do while still being myself. I'm not doing no pop or nothing, but I'm doing all types of music on there. You're going to hear the storytelling, the punchlines, for those people who want to hear something gritty. Then I've got the witty on there for people who want to laugh. It's everything on Porter's Pot.

This mixtape kind of took a while but I think it was on purpose or a part of the flow. I've been rhyming for a while and doing music for a while, but in terms of what's going on right now, this is all new to me.

I think this is a different world. The next step is another world. Right now I'm in the underground and before that I was just rapping and trying to get somewhere. You have to realize, once the door opens, that's your first step.

Once that door opened for me, I just took it and ran with.

Denzil Porter grew up in the north Bronx, NY with a passion for Hip-Hop music from a young age. In high school Denzil Porter began freestyling and battling, defeating all competitors. In 2004 Denzil Porter founded WreckHouse Entertainment, which produces music out of his in-house studio and hosts parties and events. With three mixtapes under his belt: *On My Way Home*, *Live From The Other Side*, and *Home Made Music*, and newly released Porter's* Pot*, Denzil Porter is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Check out Porter's Pot:

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