News: Nick Cannon Reveals His Kinky Mariah Carey Fetish [Audio]

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012 7:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hollywood actor Nick Cannon recently delved into his relationship with music mogul wife Mariah Carey and how turned on he gets by her music when no one else is around.

According to Cannon, he finds himself getting into the mood when Carey's tunes play.

"We would never do it, [but] it would be," Cannon told radio jockey Howard Stern when told a reality show with his wife would be the biggest one to date. "[I make love and pleasure myself to Mariah's music?] Absolutely, when she's not there. [My favorite song is] 'Hero.' Why not? Don't you masturbate to your wife at home? She's just not a singer. [laughs] I don't like, light candles -- we're married, you know how that goes. Sometimes there's special nights where you turn the music on and sometimes it's the morning and you roll over and get it popping." (Howard Stern TV)

Earlier this year, G-Unit's 50 Cent gave a step-by-step breakdown to resisting self-pleasure.

"Masturbation is a sin you stop right now fool!!! lol God is watching you#SMS," Fif tweeted Wednesday (September 26).
"Step to stop masturbating." "Step 1. To avoid the urge to masturbate stop going to porn sites."
"Step 2. Make a conscious decision not to turn your head after people walk by you."
"Step 3. Do not go to strip clubs" "Step 4. Do not look at lust filled magazines" (50 Cent's Twitter)

Last winter, Cannon came forward to speak on getting hospitalized following a medical complication.

"The technical term is lupus nephritis," he explained. "It's a rare form of lupus that's just attacking my kidneys. They thought it was just kidney disease and then they were trying to figure out why my immune system was attacking my kidneys and that was sort of the root of it all." The media personality is very fortunate. "A lot of people have passed away from that and the doctor said luckily I was in such great shape and taking care of myself because a lot of people have been taken down by it," continued Cannon. (Billboard)

In February, Nick had to leave his daily New York radio show over his health problems.

"Under doctor's orders, I have been asked to put my health first and cut back on some of my professional commitments in order to allow my body to get the rest that it needs to keep up with the demands of my multi-tasking schedule. It has been an absolute pleasure working with CBS RADIO and the 92.3 NOW morning show team and I would like to thank them for their unwavering support. I will continue to host my syndicated "Cannon's Countdown" weekend show and look forward to contributing to 92.3 NOW whenever possible. Even Superman has to sleep." (92.3 NOW)

Check out Nick Cannon's interview:

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