Guest Star: "Most Fans Would Think A Rapper Would Have To Dumb His Style Down & Sound Corny"

Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 5:21PM

Written by SOHH

[With the new A Different Kind of Christmas album/mixtape now available for the holidays, featured artists and music biz contributors speak on this star-studded free X-Mas treat.]

"After Jonathan Hay asked me to do the song Snow Bunny and Holiday Wavy with Jerome Bigfoot Brailey, I had to Wikipedia the guy. With such an extensive and impressive resume it was an honor to be on one song with the big homie, let alone two! This Christmas album is one that will get more and more recognition with each Christmas season to come." - Buffalo Stille of Nappy Roots

"I am so excited to be a part of this project and this is a first for me. I graduated from Pepperdine University with a music degree but really haven't used it, so this is an honor to be included on A Different Kind of Christmas. I think Hoopla Worldwide did a great job collaborating with so many different artists for this the album. What an amazing line up of performers." - Pam Behan aka The Kardashian Nanny (Former Nanny of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian)

"Listen and ye shall believe... When it comes to pass...That's what shall penetrate thy ears, shall truly be a gas... But fail those of Bigfoot and thou shall be cast away with the last vestiges of mental salvation...For the Truth is the way and Bigfoot is verily Truth. A Different Kind Of Christmas is Truth and I thank Jonathan Hay for allowing me to bring the Truth." -Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey from Parliament Funkadelic

"Both the album and mixtape [A Different Kind Of Christmas] suited me well, because I'm a different kind of chick." - Tanay Jackson (Michael Jackson's niece)

"A Different Kind Of Christmas came about when Buffalo Stille of Nappy Roots and I were having a meeting for Birdgang Clothing back in October and he said to me, 'man it's going to be a different kind of Christmas this year in Louisville'... And that just grabbed me. I told him we should put together a different kind of Christmas album and so we did. It's a great album and we decided to give away a lot of the album as a mixtape as a gift of music from all of us involved for this holiday season." - Jonathan Hay (Executive Producer of A Different Kind Of Christmas)

"As a rapper who often likes to spit about things with meaning, I was moved when Hoopla Worldwide asked me to be a part of this holiday album. My song Hey Dad has particularly special meaning to me, especially during the holiday season, as I lost my pops years ago in his battle against Lou Gehrig's disease. He had so much fight and perseverance in him, which has impacted me in so many ways, including the way I'm on my grind in this rap game. I think the holidays are a time to appreciate what you have and the true gifts you get are the memories that you've been given." - Doc J

"This album is definitely like none other in its class, hence the clever title. With such a diverse cast of artists and eclectic array of musical sound, the album consists of something for every listener! I'm blessed to share a platform amongst a music Hall-of-Famer, industry legends, icons and future heavy-hitters." - Renzo Charlez

"Christmas is a time for celebrating and appreciating what we've got or had and giving back not receiving. A Different Kind of Christmas represents the morals of yesterday for the Christmas of today with the sounds of tomorrow." - 1st Blood

"To me this album and mixtape is magical. From the artists to the production it is one of the most complete Christmas albums of all time. To work with such a diverse musical crowd and create such a product took an executive producing mastermind. I'm honored and humbled to be on the record." -Stilmatic

"Working on this Christmas record is a great beginning to my career. I believe doing a Christmas record for a rapper is a challenge. Most fans would think a rapper would have to dumb his style down and sound corny, I believe we all showed strong versatility and lyrical capability. I am proud of what we all did." - Smoove Gotti

"It's an honor to be included in such an original and unique project. The concept is something I've never been involved in and admittedly, I was intimidated when Sabrina Hale asked me to come up with a song for the album. I can say that I'm proud of the song and think the song and album will stand the test of time." - Echo

"As a 17 year old upcoming artist, I feel that it is a great honor and privilege to even be working with the great entertainers that are apart of this wonderful project. When I first got word that I was being featured on the album I was ecstatic and I didn't know how to act. I like the variety of songs and the overall idea of bringing a different kind of feel and vision to Christmas. I'm so thankful to the Hoopla family for giving me the opportunity. Being a part of someone's Christmas tradition for years to come is a dream come true... - Jordan Kelly

"We are honored to put a little Flint Michigan flavor on a classic project like this one." - Da Product

"This is classic Holiday music to live on for many Christmas seasons to come. I'm so proud to be part of it." - J.Bill$

"As a label, it was challenging to get everyone together on this project. The album has 23 songs and somehow we pulled it off with only like two and a half weeks to get the album completed in its entirety and turned into Fontana for distribution. I'm glad that we are able to share many of the songs from the album on this mixtape." - Sabrina Hale (President of Hoopla Worldwide)

To download A Different Kind of Christmas, just click here.

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