News: Meek Mill Vows To Cease Cassidy Disses: "I'm Done"

Thursday, Dec 27, 2012 5:26PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Maybach Music Group's Meek Mill may have just participated in one of the most short-lived rap feuds in hip-hop history after promising to fall back on his dispute with foe Cassidy less than 24 hours after dropping his "Repo" diss.

Meek insinuated his publicized disses only sparked more attention to Cass and promised to get back to chasing profits.

"We got u back popping now make a single and tell ya new label send da check 2 me for good marketing!"
"No more attention on broke n*gga sh*t..... I'm done.... Time 2 get this money! Nothing else #mmg #dcr," Meek tweeted December 27th.
"U missed the service it was nice! lol RT @JHarden13: WOW@MeekMill" (Meek Mill's Twitter)

Following last night's release, Cass appeared unfazed by Meek's lyrical wrath.

"Where's the funeral? He expected to kill me wit that bullsh*t! 5 min song! Not 1 quotable bar! They need to repo his rap book.. Lol," Cass tweeted lated December 26th. (Cassidy's Twitter)

On the new "Repo" diss, Mill boasts about his music career and bids farewell to his rap foe's.

"What you made this year, what you worth n*gga," Meek continues. "I dropped Dreams & Nightmares, I made 'Church' n*gga, I did 'I'ma Boss,' young'n set the summer off/Now these old n*ggas mad at me 'cause they fallin' off/Get your hate on, Cass, and we ain't talkin' Larceny 'cause they all trash/Your goons ain't riding with you 'cause they all mad/You ain't never put no food up on AR Ave/My dog caught a body for you, d*mn, he ain't eatin' from it/Now you mad at Swizz 'cause you can't get a beat from him/Once my n*ggas come at you dog, we gonna keep coming/Weird ol' Forrest Gump a** n*gga, better keep running." ("Repo")

Last week, Cass struck first by dropping his "Me, Myself & iPhone" bomb.

"That ain't nothing new I raised son/I was around when that clown couldn't even get his braids done/Why he dropped that I'm a boss sh*t?/Cause his boss say he a (Boss) and he just on his boss d*ck/I usually don't get mad, but I had enough/When he dropped that song amen that was the last from us/He should praise his heavenly father the creator/But yo I gotta go I'mma holla at you later easy." ("Me, Myself & iPhone")

Check out "Repo":

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