News: J. Cole Takes On Doomsday: "Jam This Sh*t When The World Ends" [Audio]

Friday, Dec 21, 2012 9:38AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Roc Nation's J. Cole prepares to take on the Mayan prophecy of the world ending today (December 21) by dropping a new doomsday-themed record called "2012."

On the track, Cole ponders about what last actions he should take as he prepares for his demise.

"Trust the world ain't spinning for too-much longer/My n*gga hope you ready, me and you both goners./But in the meantime, homie do what you like/(Just, just) do what you like (Just, just) Hey!/Trust the world ain't spinning for to-much longer/My baby hope you ready, me and you both goners./But in the meantime, shawty do what you like" ("2012")

The North Carolina-bred emcee also hopped on Twitter to boast about the new record.

" jam this sh*t when the world ends. Shout to the spanish percussionist," he tweeted late December 20th. (J. Cole's Twitter)

Not to be outdone, rap veteran Busta Rhymes also put out material themed around the Mayan prophecy.

Busta Rhymes has unveiled the cover art for his upcoming mixtape with The Conglomerate and announced that the project should be ready to drop on December 21st. The tape will be called 'Catastrophic' and depicts on image of the Mayan calendar which some claim calls for the world to end on Friday. While the tape states that it will include contributions form Conglomerate associates J-Doe and Reek Da Villian, it may also include some work from YMCMB artists, although Busta has yet to put out the tape's official tracklist. (The Versed)

Moving into 2013, Cole is currently readying his upcoming Born Sinner sophomore album.

"I don't think it's gonna be hard to top my first album. I don't think that's gonna be tough," Cole tells MTV News confidently. "I think I got that." What makes him so sure? "Freedom, just [having] no pressure," he said. "As soon as my first album dropped, all of this weight was off me and everything was flowing out and that lasted a long time, months and months. So just the freedom of not having to please the label, the machine, that was very inspiring." (MTV)

Check out J. Cole's "2012":

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