Singled Out: "I Made The Record Back In 2009, 50 Cent Got It In 2010"

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012 2:20PM

Written by SOHH for S1

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Uncle Murda decoded his "B.I.G. Vs Jay" anthem, producer S1 gives the inside behind 50 Cent's "My Life" single.]

I used Reason in Pro Tools to put "My Life" together. Those were like the two main pieces of softward that I actually used for it. But really with that joint, I think it really started with the "Break" beat from Melvin Bliss.

The joint actually started with that and then I had these choir sounds that I had purchased and once I started messing around with that and created the drum beat, I made the sound and made a loop from it. Once I created the loop, I really built the music around that.

After that, it was pretty much a wrap. I had my guitarist come in and he played some guitar for it. That was pretty much it. It wasn't really a lot of thought behind it. I was just in the lab making tracks and that idea happened to come through.

I made the record back in 2009, 50 Cent got the record in 2010 and I was in Texas. I was in my home studio and I was just messing around with ideas. That's where I created the record at.

I didn't get to hear the finalized version until it was released [last week]. It was a leak first, like a 30-second leak first from a radio rip and then shortly after that the full version leaked and that was actually my first time hearing the full record with Eminem and Adam Levine on the hook.

The beat is pretty much the same. I can tell they added a little extra production to it. The piano that comes in, they added that to it. But yeah, the record is pretty much the same. It was just some little details that made it great.

It's all about the little things when you're producing a record. I was really pleased with the record.

Symbolyc One is a Dallas, Texas-based producer who is most known for producing the smash "Power" Kanye West anthem. Since then, he has worked with hip-hop heavyweights including 50 Cent, Game, Lupe Fiasco and more.

Check out "My Life":

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