News: Gucci Mane Ignores Death Threats, Taunts Young Jeezy On-Stage [Video]

Friday, Dec 28, 2012 11:17PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane proved he is unfazed by recent viral video threats of violence by hitting the stage for a Georgia show and taking shots at rap foe Young Jeezy last week.

Despite the threat of danger, footage of Gucci storming a Macon, Georgia stage last Friday (December 21) has sprouted online.

As we previously reported, Gucci Mane performed in Macon, Georgia recently despite a threatening video posted by an unknown man in a silver skull mask telling Gucci to "stay home." Now video footage of Gucci's performance at Macon's Whiskey River has surfaced. Gucci was allegedly threatened because some of his lyrics have been deemed disrespectful. If you remember, Gucci was acquitted of murder in 2005 by reason of self defense. The person killed was a Macon native and an associate of Young Jeezy's that went by the name of Pookie Loc. Jeezy is also originally from Macon. Gucci reportedly references Pookie Loc's death in the song "The Truth," which many consider a Jeezy diss track. Various reports say Gucci performed "The Truth" twice at his Macon concert. (Hot Spot ATL)

Last week, a masked man publicly explained his issues with the rapper performing in Macon through a YouTube video.

"In one of your songs, you told Jeezy, 'Go dig your dead partner up, I bet he can't say sh*t.' N*gga how you think we feel about that? F*ck Jeezy and how he feels about it, how you think his family feel about that sh*t? ... I even think you coming to Macon just to say you came to Macon and nobody didn't do sh*t to you. We already know you go 30, 40 police on deck. Yeah, we was informed, n*ggas know what's up. We know you're staffed up with security." (Its Certified)

The gang member also said Gucci would be putting his life on the line if he came to their neck of the woods.

"You should stay home, stay home. Don't come direspecting our city like that because that's what you're trying to do. You wanna have some more street cred to be like you came to Macon to the home of the man that you killed and all them n*ggas that's supposed to be gangstas didn't do sh*t to you. That's what you want to leave saying? Why gamble like that? Why play like that? You playing with ourselves, you playing with the set, you blatantly trying to disrespect us. You bringing this sh*t back up. I guess you think this some sh*t to play with. This ain't no rap sh*t. This real sh*t." (Its Certified)

The threat of violence stems from Gucci killing another man in self-defense nearly a decade ago.

Apparently, the reason Gucci Mane's life is in danger because of some of his lyrics deemed disrespectful. If you remember, Gucci Mane was acquitted of murder in 2005 by reason of self defense. The person killed was an associate of Young Jeezy's that went by the name of Pookie Loc. After Gucci was acquitted of the murder charges, he and Jeezy seemed to squash beef. According to Silver Skull Face Guy, Gucci has been subliminally talking about Pookie Loc for a long time. In a recent Young Jeezy diss track, the "So Icy" rapper spit, "Go dig your partner up n***a I bet he can't say sh*t." Because of that line, Silver Skull face Guy and his crew are looking for Gucci to pay for his crime and disrespect. (The Urban Daily)

Check out Gucci Mane's Macon performance footage:

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