Singled Out: "Everybody Is Switching To The Clippers Now Because They're Popping In L.A."

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012 7:30PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for YG

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After S1 gave the inside behind 50 Cent's "My Life" single, West Coast rapper YG breaks down his new "Like This" track.]

"Like This" [is] a sample of an old song of somebody who was from LA and died. And [the original] record was like, "Give it up, give it up/Slide like this..." It was basically like give it up, like rep where u from, "slide like this," you feel me. That's basically the meaning of the "Like This" record.

Originally this song was like put together by Ty$ because me and him was overdue, like he was supposed to been give me a record. So he was like, "Yo, I got this record for you man." And I'm like "Alright. For sure." Then I went and did my stuff to it, and then we got into a mode. "Like This," basically is just like a quick little preview of what should be going on the Just Re'd Up 2 mixtape.

Me and Ty recorded it all at Ty house. Like he got a little studio at his house. So we did that. I just pulled up on him, hopped out, did my sh*t, and then Joe Moses came over and did his sh*t.

[There's no dance that goes with this song]. I don't dance too much. We just do our little two step out here. You see, that's what we do in Cali. We be two stepping, like just grooving. I ain't got a dance [to the song], you [just] give it up. You do your two step, and you throw up where you from.

[There] wasn't no story [that went down putting the song together], but uh, Ty [started] talkin' 'bout he f*cks with the Lakers not the Clippers. Then me and him was going back and forth, like my n*gga you's crazy. Like, the f*ck?, you feel me. That's how you feel? He don't f*ck the Clippers, he feel like everybody is switching to The Clippers now because they popping and shit in LA. I'm like, Man, my n*gga that's how it go, you feel me. That's how it go.

YG (short for Young Gangsta), is a West Coast rapper and actor. He was signed by Def Jam in 2009 and released his first single titled "Toot It and Boot It", which peaked at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100, in 2010. He's been featured in XXL's Freshmen of the Year, collaborated with Tyga, Nipsey Hussle and more. He most recently starred in 2012's We The Party.

Check out "Like This":

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