News: Chris Brown Apologizes For Controversial Instagram Photos

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012 9:50AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

R&B singer Chris Brown is letting his fans know he meant no harm earlier this week after posting up a few photos gracefully smoking marijuana in Amsterdam.

Breezy took to his Instagram page to issue an open apology to everyone he upset.

"Oh Amsterdam y'all are treating me so well! I'm sorry to everyone who got offended to my weed pics. I apologize but if y'all don't like it they don't do it. It's simple. #TeamBreezyKickA**" (Chris Brown's Instagram)

The music star posted up his controversial photos entering the work week.

Oh, Chris Brown, you mighty decision maker you, posting pics of yourself smoking weed while in Amsterdam. He's so thug. Brown, who recently deleted his Twitter account after getting into a heated and foul-mouthed squabble with a female, has renistated his account, but his real joy is in posting controversial photos on Instagram. I told you, he's pretty effing THUG. His name on Instagram is equally as thug. "f*ckyopictures". Without the asterisk of course. Such a classy guy. Isn't he an absolute dreamboat?! Anyhow, Chris and his huge posse of leeches are hanging out in Amsterdam where Chris will be performing on Thursday. (Opposing Views)

Along with the marijuana images, he also revealed a shot of himself and ex-girlfriend Rihanna posed together.

Brown made no comment about his hiatus from the service that has bedeviled him in the past? or about his return, but simply posted a black and white Instagram pic of himself with a satisfied look and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth as Rihanna lounged in the background in a bra and underwear, wrapped up in a camouflage blanket. The caption of the picture was, "What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist?" At press time, Brown hadn't posted any new tweets, and the only message on the page was, "Keep it here for all things Chris Brown, updates from the tour and more ... #CarpeDiem." The background of the page featured images from Brown's current tour and noted that @chrisbrown hasn't tweeted yet, with no links to his previous Twitter history. (MTV)

This all comes days after he offically rejoined Twitter following a messy dispute and eventual deletion.

Though there are no new tweets to announce his return, Chris Brown has quietly resurfaced after disappearing from Twitter following an ugly exchange with TV producer Jenny Johnson. Oddly, though some tweets have been deleted, several of the most vulgar are intact. We're not sure what message Brown or his management is trying to send by reactivating his account, but the presence of the Jenny Johnson tweets seems to show an apology isn't likely -- not that we were expecting one. At least Team Breezy is happy. (Twitchy)

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