News: Chad Ochocinco's X-Rated Homemade Tape Leaks, Ex-NFL Star Reacts

Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012 1:32PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Unsigned NFL player Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson has confirmed new reports which claim he is the star of a leaked x-rated tape featuring himself and two other women.

Details of the tape's emergence heated up the Internet on Christmas Day.

Chad Johnson acknowledges ... a sex tape which appears to feature the former NFL star -- along with TWO female friends -- is REAL ... but Chad insists he never wanted the footage to go public. Sources close to Johnson ... ha, Johnson ... tell TMZ the tape was shot roughly 3 years ago in a hotel room in Florida. We're told Chad has no idea how the tape leaked to the Internet ... but insists he wasn't behind it ... and now he's exploring his legal options in hopes of having the tape removed from the web ASAP. (TMZ)

His ex-wife/media star Evelyn Lozada has also stepped up and addressed it.

Chad Johnson's ex-wife Evelyn Lozada is confirming that a sex tape released on Christmas morning is of her husband, but says the video is "old news." There were also online rumors that the women featured in the video were somehow connected to the Basketball Wives star, but Lozada shot that nonsense down, tweeting "LMFAO @MediaTakeOut. Those chicks in the video are not my 'friends,' and the video is old news over here in my circle. Merry Christmas, f*cks!" Asked by a follower what she got Chad for Christmas, the Puerto Rican beauty joked, "a sex tape." (RumorFix)

Video site World Star Hip Hop attached a statement to the explicit tape and explained how it obtained the footage.

Viewer dropped these old photos in our inbox. Allegedly Chad Ocho Cinco giving ol' girl the business. The photo is really a video that was taken as a screen-shot during Chad's alleged sexcapades with a full audience in the background. In the photo you can see what appears to be Chad hitting it from the back, and another photo of the stripper riding Chad until the wheels fall off. While everyone in the background was getting an eye-full, one woman wanted to treasure the moment forever and record it. You can see her doing so in the mirrors reflection. (World Star Hip Hop)

A few weeks ago, Chad and Lozada met in a courtroom to have a restraining order dropped.

Evelyn and Chad both appeared in a Florida courtroom ... where Evelyn asked the judge to drop the restraining order that was placed against him after she told police he headbutted her during an argument. After the incident, Evelyn quickly filed for divorce from Chad -- after just one month of marriage. Chad has been on a tour of contrition on TV and the Internet ever since ... apologizing left and right ... and admitting he has an anger problem. Chad also revealed that he's getting professional help to deal with his rage issues. (TMZ)

Rumors of a possible reunion floated online in late October.

Former NFL star Chad Johnson may once again be able to communicate with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada -- after allegedly head-butting her -- because Evelyn plans to let the no-contact order against him expire. Sources close to the ex-couple tell TMZ, Chad's on track to finish his batterer's intervention program in the next couple months -- at which point Chad will ask the judge to terminate his probation and lift the no-contact order. If that happens, Evelyn would have to get a civil restraining order to keep Chad away -- but we're told she has decided NOT to do that ... because she just wants to "move on." Chad was sentenced to one year probation and the batterer's class after pleading "no contest" to domestic battery following the August 11 fight with Evelyn -- but since he's completing the class early ... the judge can also lift the probation early. Despite Evelyn's decision ... we're told she does NOT want a reunion with Chad. (TMZ)

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