News: A$AP Rocky Accused Of Being Drugged Up, Unleashing "Ferocious Beatdown" On Man

Monday, Dec 31, 2012 9:03AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer A$AP Rocky has reportedly been been sued for using drugs and taking out his frustrations on a man last summer in a New York clothing store.

Reports of the fresh allegations surfaced online early Monday (December 31) morning.

You'll recall, A$AP -- real name Rakim Mayers -- was arrested in July following a fight between the rapper and two amateur photogs, who had been filming Rocky while he was involved in an altercation with another person. Now the guy who was being filmed has filed a lawsuit against Rocky, claiming he saw the rapper get high in the clothing store (using unspecified illegal drugs) ... and Rocky unleashed a ferocious beatdown. The alleged victim -- Shenick Alcine -- claims Rocky noticed the two photogs filming him and then quickly re-directed his fury at them. (TMZ)

Initially, Rocky came to terms with charges related to the mid-summer assault case.

Rapper A$AP Rocky just pled guilty to attempted grand larceny in connection with a brawl that took place back in July in NYC -- between the rapper and two amateur photogs. TMZ broke the story ... A$AP -- real name Rakim Mayers -- was arrested following the fight, during which A$AP allegedly attacked two men for snapping pics of him ... while he was involved in a verbal altercation with another person. According to the complaint, A$AP attempted to grab the camera during the melee -- which is where the larceny charge comes from. (TMZ)

A couple weeks ago, the rap rookie lightly addressed his publicized situation.

"They said I tried to rob. I can't really talk into that, but it costs a lot of money just to be coming to court every month for something as petty as me stealing a camera in this day and age," Rocky said in an interivew. "It's one of those slaps on the wrists. That's when I calmed down for real. That was the last fight. That wasn't my first lawsuit." ("The Breakfast Club")

Coincidentally, A$AP recently spoke on wanting to sway away from getting slapped with legal disputes.

"I don't want to get sued no more," Rocky said in an interview. "I don't want no more lawsuits. I feel if someone violates me, I'll let God deal with it. I'm keeping the peace." (Hot 97)

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