Guest Star: "A Lot Of People Think Black Wall Street Is A Record Label But It's Not"

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012 2:25PM

Written by SOHH for Compton Menace

[With Game's recent launch of Rolex Records and "Marrying the Game" season finale, Black Wall Street member Compton Menace gives SOHH readers the inside on their relationship, recent power moves and why the former G-Unit member is largely responsible for his music career.]

A lot of people think the Black Wall Street is a record label but the Black Wall Street is not a record label.

It's actually just a movement, you understand what I'm saying? So as far as that, the Black Wall Street, the movement, it's always going to be with me and I'm always going to hold that down because that's what I came from.

But as far as business goes, it's not the label so I've got to go to other business ventures. As far as [Game's Rolex Records], it's all about what's best for different people and what's best for me is what I've got going on.

Me and Game's relationship is always through [solid] and what we've got going, we talk from time to time and I see what's going on with him. I just make sure everything's straight with his career but we both have our different spaces. And I like to keep it that way just to separate myself from everything that's going on. I like to make my own name and my own mark.

You don't have to worry about me doing nothing crazy on ["Marrying the Game" or] any reality television shows. No reality, man. I do reality rap, not reality TV.

I would have to say The Game really helped me out with [inspiring me to rap.] There were certain things going on in my life and he put me in the studio for the first time and just for that, I would have to say him.

A lot of people may see me and Game or hear us and think we've got a lot in common but it's really two totally different people and two totally different lives, you feel me? But you'd really have to know us to know that.

A rapper from Compton, California, Compton Menace officially hooked up with Black Wall Street in 2008. He is a member of the once signed group, "Goon Squad" and has made a name for himself collaborating amongst the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Game, Birdman, Bow Wow, Cash Money/Young Money and more.

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