5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Virgin Gaming: "Over $23 Million Has Been Won By Players Competing On Virgin Gaming."

Thursday, Nov 8, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Virgin Gaming

[Have you ever dreamed of getting paid to sit on your couch and play video games all day? Or what about showing up to video game tournaments everyday as your go-to 9-5? Well, now you can. Virgin Gaming is giving you 23 million reasons to start playing games for money [legally] today! So why wait? But if you need a push, here's five reasons to start playing with Virgin Gaming today!]

1. All About The Money, Baby!

You can win money, and lots of it, playing video games [through Virgin Gaming]. Usually people spend money on video games, [but] Virgin Gaming legally allows you to make money playing the video games you love including FIFA 13, Madden 13, NBA2K13, NHL13, Tiger Woods 13 and more! Over $23 Million...YES you read that right...$23 Million has been won by players competing on Virgin Gaming.

2. Complete Security

Virgin Gaming partners with the biggest game companies which equals security. You can play on Virgin Gaming with peace of mind, knowing that they are the official tournament partners of both EA SPORTS and 2KSports. From these partnerships, Virgin Gaming is the only tournament and cash gaming website that can automatically verify your game results in real time to ensure you always get paid for your wins.

3. For Average Joe's, Not Just Pros

You don't have to be the best to play on Virgin Gaming. The website is designed to allow players to compete against others who are in their skill range. Virgin Gaming employs it's own skill and player rating systems. The skill rating system is based on all cash matches on Virgin Gaming, it not only looks at how many games you have won or lost but also looks at who you have played. The skill level is perfect for finding an opponent at your own level. The Player Reputation system that's used by Virgin Gaming is similar to the rating system that's used by popular sites like Amazon and Ebay. This system lets you know what kind of history the player has and whether or not the player can be trusted.

4. Play Anytime

Virgin Gaming's unique Play & Go tournament system allows you to compete at your own time and pace. Think of it as levels in a video game--you can complete in as many levels as you like then save and continue playing at a later time. It [gives] you total control of your game time, and doesn't require you to sit for hours competing in the traditional bracket tournament sense.

5. $1,000,000 Tournament Play

Virgin Gaming is the only gaming site in the world that hosts a $1,000,000 tournament every year. Seriously, Virgin Gaming gives away $1,000,000 in an epic tournament every year; it's called Challenge Series. Thousands of dollars are waiting to line you pockets!

You decide. Will you cop try to win some cash and kick some ass while doing it?

To start playing, just click here.

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