5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Vault: "We Had DJ Khaled Come In The Store & Spent [A Lot ] On T-shirts Only!"

Friday, Nov 9, 2012 10:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Akeem

[Looking to get the latest T-shirts with custom-made graphic designs that fit everyone? Well, you don't have to look any farther than Harlem, NY, USA. Vault offers the best in T-shirts for the neighborhood kid up to hip-hop's heavy weights. Need five reasons to buy the latest trend in hip-hop, check out Akeem's top five reasons to buy Vault.]

1. Artwork

People should buy this brand because it's different. I think it's the artwork that we put into it [because] it's a process. It [takes] seven people to pick the designs before we actually put them out. We sit down with designers every Sunday, and we try to keep it creative.

2. Graphics

We design the brand for the people. We don't really fit the mold of every other brand. Sometimes people don't consider us streetwear, they consider us the regular everyday brand, but at the end of the day we're just a mix of everything. We've got your cool graphics and some of your tough graphics and we have some of your meaningful graphics and sometimes we just have stuff that represents you growing up in the hood as a kid. The store is located in the middle of Harlem, so that's a reason for why we did it like that.

3. Celeb Reinforcement

People gravitate to [Vault]. It's a brand that celebrities buy. We don't necessarily have to give out free stuff for them to wear it. Like we had DJ Khaled come in the store and spent [a lot] on T-shirts only! For him to come in the store and spend [a lot] on T-shirts...that's major for me. That was like my first break! Fabolous wore one of the T-shirts to his back-to-school event wear he gave out book bags...and he made it look like a million-dollar shirt.

4. Million Dollar T-Shirt Swag

When you put the clothes on, you fit the clothes. You can be that normal kids that only has $30 in his pocket, and doesn't have the freshest sneakers on in the world, but if you believe in the brand it just looks nice on you no matter how you put it. Then you got the fly guy that wears the brand that makes it look super, super cool [and] makes the kid that can't afford it wanna buy it. A lot of people are surprised by the brand.

5. Everywhere Your Eyes Can See

The brand is exposed. We're in different stores now. I don't necessarily want to kill the brand; I don't want to milk it too much, but I just want it in all the right places familiar to where to vault is located. It's in the middle of Harlem, so I want to put it in the middle so the neighborhood kid and the fly guy can meet at the same spot to buy Vault.

You decide. Will you cop the most artistic clothing brand outta Harlem?

To purchase/preview Vault, just click here.

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