5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: The World's Most Hardest MC Project: "If You Not F*ckin' W/ It, Then Don't F*ck W/ It 'Cause It's For A Certain Crowd"

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Styles P

[Ready to take fans and veterans back to real, hardcore hip-hop, not filled with lies, Styles P recently dropped his latest album, The World's Most Hardest MC Project. Focused on the fact that the LP is needed in today's hip-hop culture, The Lox member broke down the top five reasons people need to cop this project. Check it out and get a chance to win your own copy!]

1. It's Needed

It's needed because it's different from everything that's out. There's a lot of good sh*t out, but there's not a lot of hard sh*t out. It's something to get if you're looking for a certain type of hip-hop.If you're looking for something that's not the norm then it's something you might be interested in. I'm not really trying to sell it to those who are not looking for that type of music.

2. It's Hard

I'm just giving you under the underground, hardcore lyrics, like just straight forward, MC, hardcore lyrics. If you're not looking for that then I don't suggest you get it. The project's pretty self-explanatory, so if you're into that or you wanna hear what that sounds like, or [are] curious as to what's the real version of that then here it is. If you not f*ckin' with it, then don't f*ck with it 'cause it's just a certain type of hip-hop that's poppin for a certain crowd.

3. It's Me

I'm the kinda person that's not gonna lie to a person. [The album] is really just me gettin' my fans a project from an all-hard point of view. Usually when you do a project or you do an album or you do a mixtape you have different variations of you. You might hear Kiss and Sheek on it, and a couple D-block people, but no other features other than that.

4. It's Lyrical

I'm letting you know this is just really just hard, even my different point of views--every point of view I'm using is gonna be the hard version ... and I tried to give it the best of both eras. I try to give the best of this era hard-wise and the golden era, the '90s era, hard-wise.

5. It's Dope

It's that kind of project if you're interested...

You decide. Will you purchase Styles P's soundtrack to real, hardcore hip-hop?

To preview/purchase The World's Most Hardest MC Project, just click here.

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