5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: The Solution: "It Shows The Evolution Of An MC...Going On 20 Years As A Professional Career."

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012 5:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for 9th Wonder & Buckshot

[Coming with the third album on their mission to put real hip-hop in the hands of fans everywhere, 9th Wonder and Buckshot are back at it with the release of The Solution--a compilation of timeless, natural and spontaneous music in raw form. These names are enough to buy any body of work, but if you need an extra push, check out Buckshot and 9th Wonder's top five reasons to buy The Solution.]

1. The Evolution Of Good Music

As Buckshot would say, it shows evolution. It shows the evolution of an MC that has been here almost going on 20 years as a professional career, and a lot of artists can't say that. It shows the evolution of that MC not sounding dead. -9th Wonder

2. Real & Uncomplicated

People always talk about where is the music from 'that time period' or where is the music that represents 'me.' Where is that music, I want that music. [It's here]. The rhymes and beats is dope. It's not over complicated. -9th Wonder

3. Timeless Hip-Hop

This is an album that will stand the test of time. You'll be able to play this album now and 20 years from now. This is a continuation of the first two projects that we've done (The Evolution and The Formula) -9th Wonder

4. All Natural

We goin' back to the natural era, and naturally me and 9th made these albums and naturally we'll continue to make the next albums that we're gonna make. [We'll] make as many as the universe allows us to. -Buckshot

5. Spontaneous Creation

Go buy the album so you can physically feel what it's like to have a producer and an artist create, at the same time, spontaneous creation. As 9th pointed out earlier, a lot of songs are made mechanically, which is no problem. What they do, they do it their way...it's a lot of back and forth. [But] when the producer and the artist spontaneously create in the studio, you'll see that it does make a difference. It does make a difference when two people are trying to solve a problem and they come up with an answer at the same time. They go, 'Yeah, we got it'...and that energy comes off on that album. -Buckshot

You decide. Will you purchase Buckshot and 9th Wonder's display of hip-hop in true form?

To preview/purchase The Solution, just click here.

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