5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: The Hip-Hop Dance Experience: "It's Kind Of Embarrassing Messing Up Dance Moves On My Own Song."

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 2:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for B.o.B

[Today marks the release of hip-hop's first interactive dance game. From MIA to Mystikal, artists have come together to give families an at-home dance party 24/7 on Xbox Kinect and Wii. To celebrate the game's release, Atlanta's B.o.B hit up SOHH.com to let readers know the five reasons to buy The Hip-Hop Dance Experience. So if you need a reason to dance or another reason to hear Bobby Ray's hits, check out his top five reasons to purchase hip-hop's newest dance game.]

1. Happy Birthday

First off, I'm a Scorpio--my birthday's November 15, and the game comes out November 13 so that's a plus in itself. It's Scorpio season; that's a great birthday present. And it's on the Xbox Kinect and the Wii!

2. On The Set Of Hip-Hop

It really makes you feel like you're in the music video of the song you're dancing to, like it really puts you in that world. They really recreated the feel and the vibe of it. It was pretty accurate to life. It's like a life-size replica of what a hip-hop dance experience would be like. Ubisoft [makes] a real thorough game--they got Loriann Gibson and Dave Scott, two of the biggest hip-hop choreographers--two of the biggest choreographers period--are involved with this game, so it's just a real good experience.

3. B.o.B

Both of my songs, "So Good" and "Airplanes," are on it; so I'm on it! I've played the game. I danced to "So Good"...it took me a while [to get the dance]. It's kind of embarrassing messing up dance moves on my own song, but I got over it. I wasn't singing while I was dancing, I had to focus on my moves.

4. Hip-Hop's Playlist

The playlists from the songs that are featured on the game have artists from the likes of MIA, Mystikal, Chris Brown, Ciara and B.o.B's on there. It's all great. But might I add, I'm the only artist who has two songs on there. I'm just sayin'...

5. Music For The Holidays

[My favorite song on the game other than mine] is probably MIA's "Bad Girls," because I like the video for that. The video is one of those videos where I saw it and I got jealous like, Dang, why didn't I think of that? Granted it worked for her because she's MIA, but it's still one of my favorite music videos. It's the best hip-hop, dance experience game out there. Holiday season is the time when everybody takes off work. It's for all ages and the whole family can get up there and dance and shake a leg and have a good time with it.

You decide. Will you purchase B.o.B's favorite new dance game?

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