5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Spy Hunter: "The New Song, "Drive," From The Airplane Boys & Twista Fits The Updated Look & Feel Of The New Spy Hunter"

Monday, Nov 12, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Spy Hunter

[Hip-hop just don't stop. It might start with the studio and music videos, but if you look around, hip-hop is everywhere--including the new Spy Hunter game for Nintendo 3DS version and PlayStation Vita. Twista and The Airplane Boys linked up for the upgraded and reloaded version of Spy Hunter. So if you love hip-hop and video games on the go, check out Spy Hunter's top five reasons to buy its latest edition.]

1. Arcade Of Domination

Spy Hunter is more than a fast-paced, driving game, it's also true to the arcade classic from thea'80s. The player assumes the role of the Agent: the driver of the high-tech Interceptor, a supercar armed with advanced weaponry, and ready to take on a global terrorist organization set on world domination.

2. A Classic Game Rebooted

Spy Hunter is a complete reboot of the original combat racing series. It's been specifically designed to give PlayStation Vita and 3DS players a new, adrenaline-charged experience. There's intense crash choreography and a camera system that follows the action in slow motion to let players savor the destruction they created.

3. Hip-Hop's Latest Crossover

We feel that Spy Hunter is a brand that not only appeals to gamers and people who grew up in the arcades, [but] resonates with a new generation of gamers. With the new Spy Hunter available on current handhelds, it felt natural to bring in popular talent to set a new tone for the game as well. In addition to the soundtrack taking cues from the original eight-bit theme song, the new song "Drive" from The Airplane Boys and Twista fits the updated look and feel of the new Spy Hunter.

4. Mobile Holiday Gifting

Spy Hunter gives handheld gamers a fast-paced, combat driving experience they can take anywhere, [so it's perfect for the holidays].

5. A New Age Of Gaming

Spy Hunter's classic game play has been completely modernized. Players can customize and upgrade the Interceptor's weapons and high-tech gadgets throughout the course of the game. And for the first time, the Agent will have additional support in the form of an unmanned aerial support drone, allowing players to plan their destruction when assaulting enemy agent strongholds.

You decide. Will you purchase the latest version of Spy Hunter?

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