5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Skyfall - NYC Screening: "Diamond Rings May Be Forever, But Leave It To Bond To Use Them As A Weapon--& Not Against A Woman!"

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012 1:51PM

Written by Amber McKynzie & SOHH

[There're only three days left until James Bond fans flock to theaters worldwide for the latest addition to the British spy series set to hit theaters Friday (November 9). So, SOHH is giving 007 fans across the country the chance to see the new Bond flick, Skyfall, before anyone else, tomorrow (November 7). We've already given away hundreds of tickets and we're ready to give away a few hundred more. So today we're telling New York to stand up because it's all about you. So if you need something to take your mind off the election tomorrow, stay tuned because we're giving you five reasons to catch Skyfall, and plenty of chances to catch it for free.]

1. The Explosive Pen

One of the biggest reasons to get behind the new Skyfall flick is because of the lane James Bond movies have paved for awesome gadgets. While there have been countless Bond flicks to hit theaters and tons of gadgets, the one which always stands out in my head is the explosive pen from 1995's Goldeneye. I do not recall its exact name, but the premise behind it is after two or so clicks, the pen is armed and another click makes it explode. Without giving out any spoilers, there is a scene where Bond is being held captive and a computer programmer, who has an infatuation with clicking pens, has the pen, clicking it so many odd times you have no idea when it will explode. Needless to say, I finished out my school years using pencils instead of pens!

2. The Golden Gun

I know this is not technically a gadget used by James Bond, but when you go back into your 007 catalogue and see how iconic the golden gun was from Man with the Golden Gun, it stands out as one of the most memorable items in all of the flicks. I still remember playing the GoldeEye video game and always fighting with my friends as we searched the multi-player mode to find the weapon. Long story short, one shot; instant death. While machine guns and assault rifles required a ton of accurate shots, the Golden Gun did the job with one push of the button. So if you needed a reason to check out this flick, I say peep it to see what the franchise has left to offer.

3. Sony Erickson C902

This may have looked like just another regular cellphone during the filming of Quantam of Solace in 2008, but this new age mechanism helped bond track the "bad guys" through a built-in facial recognition system. Able to identify suspects with just a side view, who wouldn't want a cell phone like this?

4. Single Digit Sonic Agitator

Diamond rings may be forever, but leave it to Bond to use them as a weapon, and not against a woman! In 2002, 007 found a way to turn a simple platinum ring into a Single Digit Sonic Agitator, better known as a ring that can blast through glass. Bulletproof, unbreakable, indestructible, doesn't matter. James Bond's ring was an untouchable weapon, and always unnoticed.

5. The Ultimate Boom!

This one should seem obvious. Throughout the years, the British agent has used eight nuclear devices to detonate the enemy. From the nuclear bomb to the nuclear whatever-he-can-create, Bond destroyed his villains and their belongings in Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only and .

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