Guest Star: "Not Only Is There A 40/40 Club In [Jay-Z's] Barclays Center, There's A Calvin Klein Lounge"

Monday, Nov 5, 2012 5:52PM

Written by SOHH for D. Chamberz

[With the Brooklyn Nets' Barclays Center finally open for business, "Brooklyn Nets" rapper and the building's former construction contractor D. Chamberz dishes out what fans can expect from when they enter the building.]

Let me tell you something. It's funny that everybody always talks about the 40/40 Club at Barclays. Let me tell you something, not only is there a 40/40 Club in there, there's a Calvin Klein lounge downstairs.

If you have money and depending on what type of season tickets you buy, there's a deal where if you get it for three years for something like $500,000, you have, like a condo that's downstairs.

In there, you can always be in-tune with the games, check out the practice court, they've got their own basketball section.

Then you have the suites which are in-between floors where there's actually a press box and people can actually stay there and be at a different part of the stadium the whole time.

There's restaurants, bars, people that are going to cater to you, they've got every store that you can think of from downtown Brooklyn in there. They even got a Nathan's in there. It's ridiculous in there.

Brooklyn Rapper under soundbyte management and member of NYB. Star of Fuse's new reality series, Behind the Unsigned (premiering on 7/4/12 on Fuse.Tv ). D.Chamberz has also been seen at Hot 97?s Summer Jam, The Unexpected Victory Tour (Live @ BB Kings), and in the legendary Bronx Paradise Theater. His first single "Coney Island Warrior", off the upcoming Warrior Mentality Album, stayed on the top 20 for six weeks in national college market. His single "Only One" made headlines across plaforms like VIBE, WSHH, The Source, OnSmash, & URLTV last fall, and the video hit MTV shortly after (now in regular rotation). His latest single, "Back of the Club," with an epic Biggie sample has been in the top 10 on national college charts for four weeks, and earned a #1 spot for two of them. In July of 2011, according to online reports, the board of Coney Island, New York announced that they will erect statues of their famous residents, the first of which are D.Chamberz and Stephon Marbury. It is the first step in Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz' Coney Island renovation project. At press time, it was unclear when the stone statues would be unveiled.

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