Guest Star: "Most Guys Would Die For A Girl Like That & I'm Telling Her To Get Out Of The Way"

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012 2:55PM

Written by SOHH for Pauly Shore

[With Election Day finally here, Hollywood actor Pauly Shore gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on his new Pauly-tics politics-meets-comedy documentary as Americans go out to vote today.]

This kind of takes politics in a new direction, that's why you're getting Pauly-tics. I don't choose a side, I'm not bashing anyone, it's just like fun. I disarm the politicians so they come across as you and I and they're not putting up their fake [politically correct personalities]. Any time they try to act politician-ny, I slow them down and have them speak and act like how you and I would want to hear them.

So it's fun to see that and it's funny. You're seeing girls in it, there's comediy, stand-up, it's fresh and it's cool. People like it. There's no nakedness and no boobies in it, I wanted to kind of make fun of myself in it. Most guys would die for a girl like that [in the Pauly-tics trailer] and I'm telling her to get out of the way because I'm trying to watch CNN.

As a producer/director of the show, it was exactly what I was going for. I didn't want to just come across funny and I didn't want to just come across serious. I wanted to have both aspects of it. It was a very conscious effort to get some great stuff ouf of these guys but also be playful with them. It was a little bit difficult but it was my motivation.

It was difficult [getting some of the cameos] but then you have to look at Lance Armstrong going to Toure de France was difficult, so, I've been able to, in the last ten years, put these smaller projects together like Pauly Shore Is Dead and Adopted, I've done a lot of indie things and they're very difficult. They take at least a year of your life so once I was able to do the first one, I was able to pull this one off.

It was definitely and totally outside of my comfort zone. I just hope people want to get it and can enjoy it.

Probably at the beginning of last year, I was talking to Showtime and I knew there was going to be an election and I knew there would be a lot of publicity going on around this time. That's when I started working with my writers, started getting locations, carrying cameras and started going after the people.

Pauly Shore became the darling of the MTV crowd with his burned-out California mastery of "dude-speak" persona, but his roots go deep into comedy's history; his father was a veteran of the Catskill circuit and his mother runs the Comedy Club in Los Angeles. At the peak of his popularity in the early '90s, he issued a series of LPs including Scraps from the Future, The Future of America and Pink Diggily Diggily; after a number of poorly-received films and a short-lived sitcom, Shore maintained a low profile prior to the early 2000 release of the album Hollywood, We've Got a Problem.

Check out the Pauly-tics trailer:

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