News: Joe Budden On Kicking Concertgoer Out: "Wish I Could Rewind Life So I Could Kick That H*e Out Again"

Thursday, Nov 29, 2012 5:28PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slaughterhouse's Joe Budden has confirmed gossip and speculation which suggests he forced a female concertgoer to exit his Oakland show early due to a tweet this week.

Rather than delve into the specifics, Joey said he would do it all over again if he could.

"Show u how to move in a room full of slander. Lol," he tweeted November 29th.
"I wish I could rewind life so I could kick that h*e out again lol. Lol" (Joe Budden's Twitter)

The female concertgoer has voiced her thoughts on the aftermath through Twitter.

"I would never heckle an artist. He kicked me out via his security BEFORE he went on stage, over my tweets. That's it," Paige S tweeted Thursday.
"Dumb a**es" (Paige S' Twitter)

She also broke the news of Budden's unexpected move last night.

"So Joe Budden kicked me out of his concert lmao," she tweeted Wednesday. (Paige S' Twitter)

Reports of what reportedly went down this week surfaced online earlier today.

Jersey City rapper and Slaughterhouse founding member Joe Budden did not take kindly to a concertgoer's unkind tweets about his Thursday night concert in Oakland being "dead," so he instructed his security detail to escort the woman out. Paige S., who had come to the show at the behest of her boyfriend, tweeted numerous times about the dearth of people in the club, and suggested she would need a bottle of NoDoz to stay awake for the show. Just before the concert was set to start, security approached Paige and told her Budden wanted her to leave and would not perform until she did. "I'm still a fan," she tweeted shortly after. (Gawker)

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