News: Ice Cube Says Romney Ain't Saying 'Itt: "[He's Like] Somebody Trying To Sell Me A Mercedes"

Thursday, Nov 1, 2012 7:01PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

West Coast rapper Ice Cube has offered his take on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and compared the politician to a shady car salesman.

While discussing his politically-driven "Everythang's Corrupt," Cube wasted no time in calling out Romney.

The West Coast hip-hop luminary's new single, "Everythang's Corrupt," is a no-holds-barred, politically charged record that plumbs the seedy, greedy underbelly that stinks up so much of American society. It's also the title track off his next LP, his first since 2010, which the MC hopes to have on shelves by spring 2013. Romney features prominently in the new video for the single. "He just reminds me of somebody who's trying to sell me a Mercedes Benz," says Cube. "He'll tell me that it looks good on me and this is my color and I can afford it and everything, just to get the sale. It's astonishing that people are buying into that at the rate they are." (Rolling Stone)

Hopeful President Obama remains in office, Ice said he still has high expections for the head of state.

The rapper praised President Obama for the work he's been able to accomplish despite "a do-nothing Congress and the Party of No," and he hopes if Obama is re-elected, he'll focus on jobs and ending poverty. "We have to deal with that," he says. "We're never gonna give what we need to give as a country if some of our citizens are lower than Third World." (Rolling Stone)

Hollywood actress Stacey Dash caught ample heat for publicly endorsing Romney.

Paul Ryan phoned Stacey Dash this week to thank her for her support after the actress endured racially tinged threats on Twitter over her public support of Mitt Romney. "He said thank you so much for your support, and that I was brave, and that they support me. I thought that was just so generous, and kind, you know? Lovely, really," Dash told CNN's Piers Morgan on Tuesday night. Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman and Romney's running mate, tweeted on Tuesday evening that they had "a great conversation." (The Hill)

West Coast rapper Game later came to her defense despite public backlash.

"I don't understand what everybody's gripe is with that," he said. "We live in the world [where] we try as people to become more non-racial. Every black person in the world doesn't support Obama. ...Why are we slamming her? Maybe she has different views and opinions, she should be entitled." (CBS Local)

Check out "Everythang's Corrupt" below:

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