Singled Out: "I Was Like, 'Are We Really Going To Shoot This Video In Giant Paper Bags?'"

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Kid Named Breezy

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Kuniva detailed his personal "Light It Up" tribute, Virginia rapper Kid Named Breezy breaks down his Pusha T-assisted "See About Us" music video.]

I was in Atlanta with my producer that I work with now and I think this was the second record I ever recorded. When we made it, I loved it. My manager was like, "Yo, send that over to me."

So I sent it over to him and about a week later I get a text from Pusha and he's like, "I love the record. I'm going to knock it out for you. It's dope, no problem." Mind you, this is me and really like my first time working [in this atmosphere] with a major artist, I was like, "This is crazy."

About a week later, he sent the record back and it was all good. It was beautiful.

Now with the music video, we actually put the single out before the mixtape even came out. So this visual was actually pretty great. I think it was meant for us to put it out with [my new mixtape] '93 dropping.

With this visual, I had talked to one of my guys from Chop N Shoot who does films and he was like, "I got this dope concept." We actually shot the video a long time ago and it wasn't what I expected. So I scrapped it and so with this new one, he was like, "I've got this crazy concept," and when he brought me the paper bags I was like, "What the h*ll is this? What are we going to do with these?"

Before the video, he's cutting mouth holes and eye holes for everybody and basically just sizing everybody up. I was like, "Are we really going to shoot this video in giant paper bags?"

First of all, it was hot as h*ll in those bags. And then what they did is they had black tape on most people's bags so that it would stay on because you would sweat and so you knew it wouldn't stay on. But we got it done.

We didn't expect to make it black and white but what happened was we kind of ran out of sunlight. There wasn't enough light, so we made it black and white to make it nice and crisp. That was a great film effect.

Thanks to a chance meeting between his father and industry veteran , Suave House Records founder Tony Draper, Breezy had the opportunity to have his music heard by Draper who immediately recognized the 'it' factor as well as the vision in Breezy and signed on to manage the young rapper. His debut mixtape, Snap Back With a Life Full, includes features by Pusha T and Black Cobain.

Check out "See About Us":

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