Singled Out: "He Was Probably The First Rapper I Ever, Ever Heard"

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Big Kuntry King

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Classified explained his "Anything Goes" anthem, Big Kuntry King pops the top off his "Peach Crush."]

We were out leaning, that's what we do. We were smoking and everyone was drinking apple juice. I was like, "F*ck that, I'm going to try this Peach Crush." It was so d*mn good that I was like, "Ah man, I've got to talk about this."

[When you listen to the song, you hear] the thing about Heavy D, I kinda grew up listening to him. I was real, real young and my uncle let me hear him and he was probably like the first rapper I ever, ever heard.

I just got into the studio and turned the beat on. It was like eveything happened for a reason. So the "Peaceh Crush" is me talking about the drugs on the hook but I'm really getting into my feelings.

I've been waiting too long, it's time to talk. You feel me?

I got a lot of people that are just happy that I'm coming out. Period. Then I've got folks who are like, "Yo, this record is hot!" You get what I'm saying? Like, "I like this sh*t."

I think they're more surprised than anything.

The shadow of superstardom can be a very dark place, but for T.I.'s protégé Big Kuntry King, it's a position of power. As a member of P$C, the Grand Hustle-signed five-man group who released their debut album, 25 To Life, in 2005, Big Kuntry King has been an integral part of Atlanta's nationally celebrated trap music scene. Thanks to his alliance with T.I., who Kuntry befriended in 1996 at the start of legendary Southern spitter's career, Big Kuntry has managed to rap for hordes of hip-hop fans around the world. His latest album, Dope & Champagne is currently available and features the new "Peach Crush" anthem.

Check out "Peach Crush":

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