5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Hawke & Dumar: "We've Helped Generate...Billions...Our History Is Pretty Extensive." [GIVEAWAY]

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012 1:21AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Dontay and Dennis

[From Akademics to AKOO, Dontay, Dennis and Carlos have been at the fashion game for a minute. Generating millions of dollars in revenue during their clothing and design careers, these guys are proof that six zeros in a check are just not enough. With their latest venture, Hawke & Dumar, on the market, this trio is ready to turn heads from the stores in the U.S. to the runways in Japan. Need more of an incentive to check out their brand, read the top five reasons to buy Hawke & Dumar.]

1. Making History

The quality [of the clothes] is good, and the fit is perfect. And the designs are great. All around it's a good brand. Right now we have a coach jacket that's sold out, we have a reversible varsity jacket that's sold out, most of our fleece is sold out, our wovens are doing well and our denim is doing very well in this industry. That's where we come from, doing other successful denim brands. We were the original Akademics team, Mecca, Phat Farm, I've played with all those guys. Our history is pretty extensive.

2. Legendary Clothing

We've been in this industry almost 25 years, collectively. And if you add up all the money that we've helped generate with other brands, it's probably well into the billions. So this is us now.

3. RIP To The Competition

We take a little more pride in what we do, and our creativity is a little better than a lot of those guys. [The brand] doesn't have limits. The dude off the street and the guy in the penthouse can get it, and the dude in the penthouse won't feel like he's putting things together the same way the kid on the street is wearing them.

4. Film Inspired

[All the designs are done in house]. My partner...helps me out, but I do most of all the cut and sow stuff. I get inspiration from everywhere, movies [and] books, but mostly movies--like really old movies.

5. Internationally Known

The brand is available all in the U.S., some in Japan and we're going to try to do some European distribution.

You decide. Will you purchase Hawke & Dumar's legendary attire?

To preview/purchase Hawke & Dumar, just click here.

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