5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: God Of The Serengeti: "I...Uphold...Raw, Uncompromising Hip-Hop Music."

Thursday, Nov 15, 2012 8:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Vinne Paz

[In an age where anyone can say what they want over a tight beat and call it hip-hop, Jedi Mind Tricks artist, Vinnie Paz is trying to help fans remember what the musical art form was like before it got saturated with all the BS. With his latest release, God Of The Serengeti, Paz gives blue-collar music back to blue-collar people. Need five reasons to cop this new LP, check out what Vinnie Paz has to say.]

1. Just A Humble MC

Being a shameless self-promoter has never been one of my characteristics; I've never been one of those people to OD on self-promotion. I think people that call their own music classic are f*cking bl*wj*bs. [That's] not my thing. I do my best to let people know that my shit is out there, but after that it's up to them to decide. I create the kind of music that I like listening to and that I grew up listening to--that's how I get down.

2. The People Speak

My fans know what I do, they know what to expect, they know how long I've been doing this and how seriously I take my craft. You're better off asking fans of my sh*t...why should buy my music than me.

3. Blue-Collar Music

[The project] is a manifestation of the city I come from, which is Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a blue-collar city; it's a blue-collar record. Everything about the record is dirty. It's not the clean, over-produced sh*t that's coming out today. I keep myself in a cocoon as far as a lot of this new sh*t is concerned; a lot of it isn't even hip-hop to me. I just do my best to uphold the tradition of what I consider to be raw, uncompromising hip-hop music.

4. His Own Boss

I've always been independent and I control my sh*t. I don't have to answer to an executive, I don't have to answer to A&Rs, I'm my own executive, I'm my own A&R. So basically, as far as the record's concerned, what I say goes. It's liberating. Dudes think that because they're loved by blogs and Twitter that that translates into real fans and record sales, and it doesn't.

5. Top Notch Production

I worked with one of the top three producers of hip-hop of all time, DJ Premier; Gang Starr. Premier laced me with a song called "The Oracle," that's the second single that's out now. The Beatnuts did my single, "Cheesesteaks." [I worked with] lots of people, man. I'm honored to have worked with everyone that I worked with.

You decide
. Will you purchase hip-hop in raw form?

To preview/purchase God Of The Serengeti, just click here.

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