News: Eminem's Recording Process Revealed: "If He's Feeling Something, He'll Run W/ It..."

Thursday, Nov 1, 2012 9:31AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Interscope Records' Skylar Grey has delved into landing one of the biggest rap stars in Eminem for her upcoming Don't Look Down solo debut and how Slim Shady operates when it comes to music-making.

According to Grey, their continued work together since 2010 naturally evolved into Em executive producing the forthcoming project.

"Ever since we started working together, I've been playing him some of my music, and he just slowly became more involved, so we made it official," Grey exclusively told MTV News, after it was announced that Em would oversee her LP. (MTV)

She also discussed how they put in time to knock out new tracks.

"Usually what happens is that I'll come up with an idea, or I'll have a piece of a song, and then I'll go to Detroit and play it for him or play a few different things for him," Grey said, breaking down the recording process with Em. "If he's feeling something, he'll run with it on his own for a while and then we reconvene and see where we're at." (MTV)

Yesterday, Em released a statement announcing his involvement on her debut.

"When I was working on Recovery I was introduced to Skylar by Alex Da Kid and I was blown away by her talent as both a songwriter and vocalist," said Eminem. "This album is really going to give her a chance to connect with the fans who probably know her music , but might not know her yet. I think they will be as impressed as I am." (Statement)

Along with her LP, Slim is reportedly working on his own solo effort set to drop next year.

Eminem has today confirmed that 2013 will mark the arrival of his 8th studio album. Much like you'd expect from the rapper, the announcement came in a less-than-conventional, but straight-up Shady awesome way. Rather than just a press release, or a mention at a live performance, or even just a cheeky tweet, Eminem has released a limited edition baseball cap with a theme inspired by the current World Series contenders, the Detroit Tigers, according to PreFix Mag. The hat is available for purchase in both home, and away colours. You'll have to check out the official Slim Shady website to suss them out. Next year will be 3 years since the release of Eminem's Recovery, which saw the emcee recapture the attention of his millions and millions of fans all over the world. (Music Feeds)

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