News: Beyoncé Pens Open Letter To President Barack Obama

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012 11:55AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hours away from finding out if President Barack Obama will stay in office or if Republican nominee Mitt Romney will win the presidency, music mogul Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has penned an open letter to the head of state.

In the handwritten letter, Bey credits President Obama for serving as a motivator and inspiration to her family.

"President OBAMA, Everyday we see your heart and character, inspiring all of us to give more of ourselves. You are the leader to take us From where we are to where we need to be. You are the reason my daughter and nephew will grow up knowing that they can truly be ANYTHING they want to be. All my Respect and Adoration [sic]" (Miss Info TV)

Back in April, the Grammy-winning singer also inked an open letter which applauded First Lady Michelle Obama.

"Michelle, is the ULTIMATE example of a truly strong African American woman. She is a caring mother, she's a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the FIRST LADY!!!! No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope - she's humble, loving, and sincere. She builds and nurtures her family, while also looking out for so many millions in so many ways. Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that u do for us - I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to. Love, Beyonce." (Beyonce)

Yesterday, Bey's husband Jay-Z performed at an Ohio rally for President Obama.

President Obama deployed a double-dose of star power for his Ohio campaign finale, using performances by legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen and rapper Jay-Z to energize the crowd of about 15,000 just over 12 hours before the first election day polls open across the state. Jay-Z, a longtime Obama backer and fundraiser, brought down the house with a bone-shaking and deafeningly loud set of his hits that included a censored rendition of "99 Problems," replacing the word "b***" with "Mitt." (ABC News)

A few weeks back, Bey and Jay raised around $4 million when they put together a pro-Obama fundraiser event in New York.

"Jay-Z now knows, you know, what my life is like. We both have daughters. And our wives are more popular than we are ... So we've got a little bond there," President Obama said at the fundraiser. "It's hard, but it's okay. Beyoncé could not be a better role model for our daughters because she carries herself with such class and poise. And has so much talent ... We're on the brink of an election, but more importantly, we're on the brink of moving America in a direction where we're going to be more just, more fair. The economy's going to grow in a way that includes everybody, an America that's respected around the world because we're putting forward our best values and out best ideals." (New York Times)

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