News: Wiz Khalifa Keeps His Promise On Amber Rose [Audio]

Friday, Nov 30, 2012 12:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa stayed true to his word by saving a spot for pregnant fiancée Amber Rose on his upcoming O.N.I.F.C solo album.

Khalifa recruits Rose and a couple of music comrades for his new "Rise Above" track.

Wiz Khalifa flies past his haters on "Rise Above," the Pharrell-produced cut off his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C., due Tuesday. The Taylor Gang leader reflects on how his success has brought out the worst in people, while The Neptunes hitmaker and Wiz' fellow Taylor Tuki Carter add verses. Even his fiancé Amber Rose gets in on the action, dropping some rhymes. "Man, what the f**k is wrong with these ni**as?" asks Amber. (Rap-Up)

Back in August, Wiz promised to add Rose to his next solo album.

"She's not on there yet, so I'ma put her on there. I usually always find a place for her," Khalifa told hip-hop personality Karen Civil. "Even if it's like something that I do, I'll just cut myself out of there and put her on there, just so my baby can get a little piece of that. She deserves it. ... [How do I handle the gossip blogs?] It's cool 'cause nobody understands me, man. If anybody really knew me and they were talking about me, then that would mean something -- people don't know sh*t." (Karen Civil)

Last summer, Amber revealed she would shelf her music career to focus on building a family.

"I got engaged and I decided not to go through with an album because I just feel like it's a bit too much," Rose revealed in an interview. "I'm 28 now and me and Wiz are in love and we're thinking about having kids -- to do shows and start a music career is just not on the cards for me. ... I'll dip and dab and do little cool stuff -- I'm featured on Wiz's mixtape with Rick Ross, and I'll just do little fun stuff like that whenever I feel like it's cool." (Hip Hollywood)

Over the winter, Rose and Wiz hooked up for their "Fame" collaboration.

"It's so perfect and I didn't know that was actually gonna be my first single but I was just like I'll put "Fame" out for free. It's not gonna be on iTunes or anything like that," Rose explained in an interview. "It's just for the fans to understand a little bit more of my life and you know there's a lot of young kids or people in general that want to be famous but they don't really know what that entails. That's why I put out "Fame." ... I definitely rap and I sing and my music is fun. It's all dance music. I have an inspirational song that's really dope. I have some records that are just plain fun, like you just want to party, jump around and go crazy to." (VIBE)

Check out "Rise Above":

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