Guest Star: "'93 Is Like My Child & I'm Ready To Show The World"

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012 2:10PM

Written by SOHH For Kid Named Breezy

[With his long-awaited '93 mixtape finally available for download, Virginia-bred emcee Kid Named Breezy breaks down the story behind his newest free offering.]

'93 is very detailed. '93 is the year my mother died. She died in 1993, I was born in '92, but I think that year was the building of what people see me as today as The Kid Named Breezy and with this tape, it's really conceptual.

It's this whole conception of there was this kid in 1993 and he made this mixtape but nobody really heard it so when 2012 comes around, for some reason, it comes out. It's getting put out and it's being launced.

The weird thing is if you were to listen to this tape in 1993, I don't think anybody would understand it in a sense because there's samples in the project that weren't used before. If it was out in '93, there's things that I'm saying that just weren't [understood], nobody was living like that so nobody could relate to what's going on.

You got this project and people are wondering who is this kid in 1993? So I put this letter out to my supporters and fans, thanking them for everything they've done for me so far and then explaining what '93 is.

It puts you in a whole 'nother light as you're listening to the tape.

I always wanted to dedicate a project to my mother so this probably stems from that, a little bit, but a lot of my ideas just come from me living my life and that's what it is.

I push myself like an album. You'll probably hear '93 for a good seven or eight months. I think '93 is really going to be an impactful project not just for me but for everybody that loves the music culture and they're going to understand why I put this out there. '93 is like my child and I'm ready to show the world my child.

Thanks to a chance meeting between his father and industry veteran , Suave House Records founder Tony Draper, Breezy had the opportunity to have his music heard by Draper who immediately recognized the 'it' factor as well as the vision in Breezy and signed on to manage the young rapper. His debut mixtape, Snap Back With a Life Full, includes features by Pusha T and Black Cobain.

Check out the new '93 mixtape:

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