News: Young Buck Blows Smoke At eBay Auction? "It Can't Break Me, I'm From The Streets"

Sunday, Oct 7, 2012 8:09PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Incarcerated rapper Young Buck is not letting a publicized eBay auction of his personal items get him down, apparently addressing the situation this weekend.

Hopping on Twitter, Buck Marley downplayed having any attachment to material things.

"I came from the streets with nothing so no matter what someone say or took from me, it can't break me... I'm the streets.. #itsbuckb*tch," Buck tweeted October 7th. (Young Buck's Twitter)

Details of the eBay auction hit the Internet on Friday (October 5).

Who wants a piece of Young Buck? eBay is making it possible to purchase items belonging to the embattled former G-Unit rapper, who began serving an 18-month prison sentence on weapons charges back in August. Amongst Buck's personal items up for sale are his brown Live Mechanics leather coat, a 4XL Artful Dodger Cutter Lads coat, a Bachrach pinstripe suit and a full craps table. The first three items have a starting bid listed at $300, while the craps table has a starting bid of $4,000. Coincidentally, the seller of the items--Vintagemusicgear--is known for selling music recording equipment and items belonging to artists. These items are believed to come from the IRS auction of Buck's personal items, after the rapper filed for bankruptcy. The auction brought in $53,000 this past July. (XXL Mag)

Over the summer, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) banked $53,000 from an auction.

The Internal Revenue Service said they took in $53,000 during an auction of rapper Young Buck's jewelry, recording equipment and other seized possessions. The IRS said the highest priced item, a 615 Cashville necklace the rapper wore in some of his videos went for $12,600. It had been appraised at approximately $20,000. The agency held a preview of the merchandise on Wednesday. It included TVs, gold albums, jewelry, and recording equipment. The rapper's trademarked "Young Buck" name was also sold. (News Channel 5)

Last month, Buck Marley gave fans an update on his living condition behind bars.

"Man, sh*t man, let eveybody know that I'm good. I'm 100. I'm well taken care of. I'm straight, under the circumstances I'm in. This is prison, you know what I'm saying? At the end of the day, I'm making the best out of prison. I don't even like to call it prison. I call it Chain Gang College now. I'm handling it, I'm handling lt like a real man gotta handle it. There ain't no other way once you're back here. Either you do the time or let the time do you. I choose to do my time, you know what I'm saying? I stay out the way, I got a couple good brothers I do roll with, they my partners. Other than that, sh*t, I'm doing time. You feel me?" (Back On My Buck Sh*t)

Check out a recent Young Buck interview below:

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