News: Wyclef Catches Heat Over Half-Naked Bike Pic: "That N*gga Torso Look Like Jermaine Jackson"

Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 9:11AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Fugees' Wyclef Jean is catching negative feedback this week after tweeting out a photo of himself in a speedo on his motorcycle in celebration of his 43rd birthday.

Former Little Brother member Phonte wasted no time in airing out the rapper's image.

"The only thing that could make Wyclef's pic more tragic is if Lauryn took it and Pras greased him up for it.," he tweeted Wednesday (October 17).
" refuse to tweet that 'Clef pic, man. Haiti has suffered enough. RT @antneedee which pic is that you speak of sir?"
"That Wyclef pic look like the cover art for his next album "The County Fair.""
"But seriously though, how that n*gga 'Clef torso look like Jermaine Jackson, but his legs look like Chief Keef?" (Phonte's Twitter)

Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God also went directly at Clef.

"Haiti has been thru way too much. They deserve better than this. @wyclef"
"That Hip Hop Mid Life Crisis is so real....."
"So nobody going to photoshop @wyclef riding on a white horse backwards?"
"Can straight men say "Get Your Life?" or is that a Guy Code violation? That phrase is what Sir Wyclef needs to hear right now" (Charlmagne Tha God's Twitter)

Producer Chase N. Cashe questioned why Clef would go to such extreme measures.

"WHY CLEF?! :("
"What make a nigga wake up in the morning and put on baby oil & Speedo then go pose on a Motorbike in the drive way? 2012... :("
"That n*gga Wyclef had the Road Rash Victory Pose in that pic lmaoooo."

The renowned musician posted up his unexpected photo yesterday.

Wyclef Jean posted a disturbing, Speedo-clad picture of himself on Twitter for his 43rd birthday. The singer is half-naked, in a red and blue Speedo, sitting on an Italian motorcycle in front of his presumed home. Though it looks like it was raining before the picture was taken, it also appears as if the New Jerseyan, who tried to run for president of Haiti, lathered his body with baby oil for the picture. There's no denying that Wyclef Jean looks good for his age, but it's a little strange that he would celebrate his birthday with Twitter in this way. (International Business Times)

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