Underrated: "When You Talk About Slept-On, The Guy's One Of The Most Lyrical"

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Jasiri X

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Freddie Foxxx gave Lil Fame the title last week, rapper Jasiri X crowns Brother Ali SOHH Underrated.]


I'm going to have to go with Brother Ali. I just think the brother is so lyrical, he's melodic in his delivery and I think, to me, when you talk about slept-on, the guy is one of the most lyrical hip-hop artists that's in the game.

I don't [have a relationship with him], but actually he hit me up on Twitter and said he likes what I'm doing. We're not on the celly but you know, hopefully, we'll get a chance to collaborate in the future.

He's a guy that's inspirational to me because he's had success really kind of doing it his way and doing hip-hop that's very spiritual and it's good.

I feel like he's not in box. Sometimes in hip-hop you get put into a box and I think he makes universal music with a universal message. He's definitely somebody who inspires me and I think as a lyricst, dude is really unmatched.

Jasiri X is a Pittsburgh hip hop artist who became nationally known in 2007, with the song "Free the Jena Six ." The song was named 2007 Hip Hop Political Song of the Year and quickly galvanized the community in support of the youth unlawfully incarcerated in Jena , LA. Jasiri is president of LYRICS, Inc. (Leading Young Rappers In Career Success) and a founding member of One HOOD , an organization of men working against violence in black communities.

Check out Brother Ali's music below:

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