Guest Star: "When I First Started This, I Had A MySpace Page That Got Over 5 Million Hits In A Day"

Thursday, Oct 4, 2012 5:03PM

Written by SOHH for Ca$hflow

[With the Harlem rap scene in full effect these days, homegrown rapper Ca$hflow speaks on his neighborhood's hip-hop veterans, knack for fashion and uniting local emcees.]

One thing usually leads to the next with me. When I first started this, I just had a MySpace page that got over five million hits in one day.

At that point, nobody was really getting deals just off of the Internet. I was like one of the first artists to really have a super Internet buzz. And battling at the Rucker Park, I always made sure my town was took care of.

Juelz Santana, he's from Harlem, so it's not hard to tell what's shaking in your town. I've just been grinding and getting it done.

Me and Ma$e were working together and it was around the time when Drake had put out "Best I Ever Had." That's my dude. It's all love. On ["Young Harlem N*gga"], he's just showing love. We worked together and I was featured on his mixtape. He let me drop a verse on there so it's always love. That's what it is.

Harlem is about fashion. It's like Paris. We have the Rucker Park, places where people come and we have the Entertainer's Basketball Classic, it's flashy. Harlem's fashion goes back to the original Harlem on 125th, you'll know this if you've seen Paid In Full, but people would be out there just showing off what they got.

It's in our spirit, it's in our culture. The trend is always going to be there.

This is just natural for us, from watching the hustlers doing it and the rappers doing it and the ballers following them. It really captures the whole essence.

I'm really trying to be the head of uniting Harlem like Atlanta did. When we all come together, we make noise. So I think we need to tighten up and look forward.

Ca$hflow is a hip-hop newcomer coming straight out of Harlem, New York. In just a short time period, Ca$h already has collaborations with Dipset's Juelz Santana and former Bad Boy Records artist Ma$e. His new anthem "Young Harlem N*gga" is currently buzzing on rap blogs everywhere.

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