5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Skyfall - Los Angeles Screening: "James Bond Always Snagged The Amber Rose, Trina & Kim Kardashians Of The Game"

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012 12:00PM

Written by Amber McKynzie & SOHH

[James Bond is getting ready to take over film worldwide with the latest addition to the British spy series. Hitting theaters next Friday (November 9), SOHH is giving 007 fans across the country the chance to see the new Bond flick, Skyfall, before anyone else, on November 7. We'll be giving away hundreds of tickets as we make our way across the country in anticipation of Bond's return. Today, we're starting with Los Angeles! So West Coast stay tuned because we're giving you five reasons to catch Skyfall, and plenty of chances to catch it for free.]

1. Nothing Better

One of the biggest reasons you should check out the new Skyfall flick is simply because of what 007 represents. Sure, you may have had your Mission: Impossible and even more modern secret agent-based movies/series, but James Bond made it cool to not only kick some serious bad guy butt but also get the bombshell lady. If you look at James Bond with in a hip-hop perspective, he's always snagged the Amber Rose, Trina and Kim Kardashian's of the game. Just like Jay-Z says, men lie, women lie but those numbers don't.

2. All In The Numbers

2012 marks the 50-year anniversary of the James Bond saga. From Sean Connery's first secret agent appearance in Dr. No (1962) to Daniel Craig's modern-day adaptations of the British spy starting with Casino Royale (2006), this action-packed series has never left fans unsatisfied. And now with the 26th 007 film ready to hit screens worldwide, audiences will only be screaming for more. This guy's not going anywhere!

3. Simple History

While James Bond first came across screens in 1962, it was author Ian Fleming who introduced the world to the crafty and seductive British badass in 1952 with the first novel in this perpetual series. After Casino Royale hit shelves, Fleming acquired Gildrose Publications Limited--now known as Ian Fleming Publications--where he sat as chairman until 2001.

4. Gadgets

When it comes to action movies, there's no question that Bond had it best when it came to new "toys." In Dr. No, 007 gets his first self-destructing bag which was quickly topped an AR-7 .22 in From Russia with Love (1963). Things got upgraded in Live and Let Die (1973) when Bond used a Clothing Brush Communicator, allowing him to send messages via morse code through a clothing brush. Over the years, the secret agent has introduced fans to more than 300 gadgets.

5. Influence

Since 1962, the Bond image has influenced film culturally and cinematically. His character has brought "action film" to another definition through multi-layered stunts, scenic locals and pure style. No other agent can make an ass kicking look so good.

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