5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Shaquille O'Neal Presents...All-Star Comedy Jam: "No Matter How Funny I Think I Am, All Of The Guys--If Not As Funny--Are Striving To be As Funny On Stage. "

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Comedian Capone

[From Comedian Capone to Lil Duval, Shaquille O'Neal sure knows how to pick today's leading comedians for his comedy jam. And this year, coming to you straight from Orlando, Shaq brought together five of the best comedians who have you laughing when they're on Twitter and crying when they're on stage. SOHH caught up with Comedian Capone, so check out his top five reasons to buy Shaq's latest All-Star Comedy Jam.]

1. Capone & Comedy's All-Stars

The No. 1 reason [people should buy this DVD] is because comedian Capone is on the DVD. People need laughter nowadays and not everybody's guaranteed to bring that. Comedian Capone is definitely bringing that. The rest is just extra activity because it's a great thing to have Gary Owens, Terry Roberts, Jay Pharoah and Lil Duval on it...that's like a powerhouse. You're not gonna really get that in a concert, so why not bring it home?

2. You're Favorite Comedian

[When it comes to sharing the stage], I really, really like Comedian Capone. He's just so versatile. He's been doing this for a couple of years, and the good thing is not everybody has heard of him. And sometimes, when you wait patiently, good things come to those who wait. Don't get me wrong, the other guys are excellent comedians, but I would say my favorite is Comedian Capone.

3. A Real Laugh

The good thing about Comedian Capone is the longevity of comedy. There're a lot of comedians that don't last, and they don't last because of lack of material, lack of faith, lack of experience, there are many different things. The one thing about Capone is he electrifies the stage when he hits the stage, and he's brings the truth. When you bring the truth, that's what people wanna hear and he turns it into a comedic matter.

4. Celebs In The House

When the taping was done, 50 Cent and Floyd Maywhether came out, and gave me a lot of props. And there were a lot of other celebrities--T.I., etc... But I'm a real fan of Floyd, not his boxing but just as a business person, and I'm a big fan of 50 Cent for the same thing.

5. Shaq's Picks

[My funniest moment] was the minute I walked on stage...[and] the good thing about the Shaq tour is that Shaq single-handedly picked the comedians himself. So I think that no matter how funny I think I am, all of the guys on the tour if not as funny are striving to be as funny on stage. Nobody wants to have somebody walk out of that arena and say, 'Well this guys was funnier than that guy.' Everybody wants to bring their A-game.

You decide. Will you see cop this hilarious all-star comedy line up?

To preview/purchase Shaq's All-Star Comedy Jam, just click here.

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