5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Munitio NINES: "We've Got The Hardest Hitting Bass From Any In-Ear In The Industry."

Friday, Oct 12, 2012 1:30AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Robert Benjamin

[Everyone seems to have a new set of headphones these days, but how many people do you see rocking the Munitio NINES? From improved sound quality to a titanium finish, Munitio is the music world's "best kept underground secret." Wondering what you're missing out on? Check Co-found and Brand Director, Robert Benjamin's top five reasons to buy the Munitio NINES.]

1. New Features

[The NINES] are new and improved. We sweetened the tuning. There's more clarity in the mids and highs, [but] it still maintains the warmth of the original [set].

2. Performance

We've got the hardest hitting bass from any in-ear in the industry. We've got some stuff like the bass-enhancement chamber and our proprietary tips...that help boost sub-bass that rivals believe [reside] a lot of the over-ears out there. You get the performance of the big speakers in a bar or at home...in a nine-millimeter driver that we're using.

3. No Hands

It's even more mobile and hands free now that we've added on the Apple volume control. So now you can make a lot of your calls without having to reach down to your phone. We also included accessories like a premium nylon carrying case, a pouch, ear hooks and ear clips, and you'll notice how those things really help when you get a pair. If you're on the go a lot, you can kind of clip the [NINES] to your shirt, take your buds out and they'll still be there. Some people use them when they're working out and stuff like that.

4. Music World

The Munitio brand is still all about the music. It's made by...and enjoyed by people who take music seriously. We come in with respect for everyone involved in the music industry including engineers...[and of course] the performers.

5. Best Kept Secret

We're still the best-kept underground secret in lifestyle electronics. You definitely won't be part of a herd when you're rocking your Munitio NINES. There've been a lot of companies who've seen succeess, which is great, and I think they've help to define more premium lifestyle electronics. But that success is also sort of a curse in a way because everybody has those same products.

You decide. Will you purchase the new-and-improved Munitio NINES?

To preview/purchase the Munitio NINES, just click here.

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