5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: MOGA: "You're Playing Games The Way That They Were Meant To Be Played."

Friday, Oct 26, 2012 11:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for John M

[Android really is becoming the next big thing! With the gaming world growing everyday, the best thing for mobile gaming was released Oct 21, and it's only for Android. From Pac-Man to Sonic, MOGA gives users access to their favorite video games without having to buy an expensive console and accessories to match. Are you a game head? If so, check out John M's top five reasons to buy MOGA!]

1. High-Quality Gaming For Your Phone

It's the only complete gaming system for mobile Android devices to offer console-quality gaming. What we mean by that is: playing video games the way they were meant to be played. Mobile video games up to this point have been about swiping and tapping and touching your screen...and we just don't think [that's] that good of an experience for the consumer. It's great for playing games like Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, etc...but the reality is the top five genres of games are racing games, fighting games, shooting games, RPGs and sports, [and] those are the hardest to play on mobile devices that offer only touch screen.

2. No Hassle

You're playing games the way that they were meant to be played. It's not button mapping or a process where you need to go through a controller device to say I want this to mean this particular button on a controller. That's a process our competitors are using with their products, and that's not what we're doing here.

3. Games For All (With Androids!)

[MOGA] is for Android 2.3 and higher. So it can be used by 90-plus-percent of the Android devices that are currently in active use, but it will be forward compatible. So for new devices that are coming out, we're working with Google and all the chip manufacturers to make sure we don't make a device that's compatible now and six months from now it's not gonna be working.

4. More For Your Money

Of the games we have, there's a bunch that are free, several that have the premium model where it's free to start playing, but if you want to buy additional levels [you can]. Right now the majority of the games are about 99 cents, which is different from games on handheld which run anywhere from $30 - $40 and console games run about $60 brand new. [Here], you get a $50 controller and you can buy 50 games for $49.50--assuming that they are all 99-cent games.

5. Forever Functional

The games live on your phone. The great thing about MOGA is if you get a new phone--upgrading to the next generation phone--you take all your apps [and] all your games with you. What we're offering with MOGA is a pivot app, where all the games that are uploaded through MOGA live, so you won't have to go through pages and pages of apps to find the games.

You decide. Will you purchase Android's first mobile gaming system?

To preview/purchase MOGA, just click here.

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