5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Maino Presents The Mafia: "I Sleep Good Every Night B/C I Know I Give N*ggas That Real"

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Maino & The Mafia

[With this week's release of Maino's new The Mafia compilation album, the Brooklyn rapper and his crew give you five reasons to check out the new hard-hitting project.]

1. Respect The Realness

The first reason is because it's real. This is the total package all around the board. It's good music. We've got songs like "Father Forgive Me" where we're talking about the trials and tribulations of just being out here, being out in the game and things that we go through. We're human. Through it all, we're still human. We've got records like "Bury Me A G." We have records for everybody, man. For everybody that's into good music, they're going to f*ck with us. The Mafia, man, I promise you that. -Lucky Don

2. Good Times

My reason is because this is something good for hip-hop. We all put our heart and soul into this mixtape. It's the realest mixtape you're going to hear all year. I guarantee that. I put my life on that. Ain't nobody out here doing what we're doing. Ain't nobody out here doing what Maino's doing. This is not no bubble gum, this is real records. We're not out here for no gimmicks. This is real. This is real records out here and you're going to respect it like we respected doing it. -Twigg Martin

3. Rap's MVP

I'm the best rapper in the world. Whatever I say goes. And I'm the best looking out the group. Whatever I say goes. If I tell y'all to go and download the tape, then that's what you gotta do. This aint' no fly by night project. This is something that everybody's gonna love. It's been a while since you got that kind of music, everybody's been listening to singles and that fly by night stuff. You want to take this with you, driving on that highway, on that I-95, that West Side, that FDR [highway], you're going to be listening to this. -Push

4. My Buddy

Listen to that boy Twigg Martin talk, man. When he talks, y'all listen. You listen because I said so. What's up? Mafia. Mafia. -Maino

5. Brooklyn State Of Mind

It's quality music. It's something that's missing in the game. There's a void and this is something new, something fresh. It's from New York, it's from Brooklyn. We're about that business. It's about everything, everyday. It's great music at the end of the day. N*ggas can come with all the sh*t they want to come with, n*ggas can put on all the chains that they want and do what they want to do, but at the end of the day, it comes down to the music. A lot of n*ggas are getting by because of who they're standing next to and not because the sh*t is quality. This is quality music. Since you've been watching me, I've been putting out quality music. Whether n*ggas want to give me their righteous due or not, I'm putting out quality music. I go home and sleep good every night because I know I give n*ggas that real. I give n*ggas that solid. When I'm making a diss record, I'm making a street record, or I'm making an inspirational record, it's all quality. When I brought my boys together, my brothers, that's all we're set out to do. We're making quality music my n*gga. -Maino

You Decide. Will you give Maino and The Mafia's new underground project a shot?

To preview/download the new mixtape, just click here.

Check out Maino Presents The Mafia below:

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