5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Kraff Culcha: "You're Gonna Look Good, But You're Not Gonna Be Breaking Your Pocket Just To Get A Shirt."

Monday, Oct 8, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Deon and Raul

[New York has always been known as the birthplace of hip-hop, but have you ever thought of it as the home of graffiti art? Well co-owners Deon Bernard and Raul Stephenson have taken New York's street art and brought it to the forefront through their unique clothing line, Kraff Culcha. From handmade jackets to exclusively designed shirts, this upcoming brand has it all. Check out their top five reasons to buy Kraff Culcha.]

1. The Origin Of Art

Kraff Culcha originally started in New York City. [Deon and I] are both from Brooklyn...so the line is very much influenced by the art scene that's in New York. A lot of our [clothing] has graffiti art and what people would call street art. It's real innovative in that aspect because it's very in tune with the hip-hop crowd and the pop crowd...that's what really separates us from other brands: the original artwork we have, and we just put it on many different types of clothes from T-shirts to jackets and we do handcrafts on sneakers.

2. Unique Attire

The wearer is going to be in a unique outfit at the end of the day. We don't make jeans, we don't makes shirts, we design graphics for clothing and put them together ourselves. We do accept outside input say if you want to order a set of shirts we'll design them for you, and that will be yours only. No one else will have it. It won't be the Kraft Culcha brand, but it will be yours. We're different in that sense that you can actually come to us and order something.

3. Handmade Clothing

We make hand-crotched jackets. You would have to see it to understand it, but it's basically like saying we make hand-knit jackets, which is unique and nobody else will have it. [Raul] does it by hand...and it takes about 20-plus hours to do each by hand. But I don't have that patience!

4. Look Good For Less

You're gonna look good, but you're not gonna be breaking your pocket just to get a shirt. We have kids, toddlers, infants, adults, teenagers, etc... Any aspect you can think of, we cover it in clothing. Hats, snapbacks, crotched hats, baseball caps, [and more].

5. So Fresh To Death

We're unique, we're new, we're fresh--we have fresh ideas and fresh everything--we've inexpensive and all our art speaks. It's not just, 'I'm gonna draw a face on a shirt for $30,' no! Every piece of art we have on a shirt comes off of the fact that there was an input somehow in life or some facet of life where you can say, 'Wow! That person on that shirt reminds of something I went through or somebody I've seen.' You can just connect with it.

You decide. Will you see cop Kraff Culcha's never-duplicated clothing?

To preview/purchase Kraff Culcha, just click here.

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