News: Katt Williams To Faizon Love: "[You're] A Big, Fat Snitch & Bald-Faced Rat"

Sunday, Oct 21, 2012 12:24PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Comedian Katt Williams has lashed back at former Friday actor Faizon Love for calling him out earlier this week over allegedly totting a gun in his face.

Although Williams had harsh words for Love, he did not deny the accusations.

Katt Williams is adamant -- Faizon Love's accusation that Katt threatened him with a gun makes Faizon nothing but a big, fat snitch and bald-faced rat ... but he DOESN'T deny Faizon speaks the truth. We broke the story ... Faizon claimed Katt pulled a gun on him outside Supperclub in Hollywood earlier in the week ... Faizon told us he feared for his life. Katt's diatribe is telling, because the one thing he DOESN'T do is call Faizon a liar. After getting arrested and taken to the station, Katt was released and no charges were filed. (TMZ)

Heading into the weekend, Love dished out details on Katt's meltdown.

Love says ... when Katt pointed the weapon at him, he 100% feared getting shot, explaining ... "When someone pulls a gun and they on that narcotics ... you don't know what's gonna happen." One of Love's homeboys managed to snatch the gun from Katt -- and discovered it was unloaded. Katt was arrested that night for a possible gun violation, but was later released from custody -- and no charges have been filed. As for what caused the beef, Faizon wouldn't say. It's something that happened 6 months ago, but he insists it was NOT about money. (TMZ)

Despite the accusations, Love said Williams did not have a loaded gun.

Faizon continues, "Come to find out the gun he pulled out on me was not even loaded. My homeboy gave it back to him ... then we went in the club." Minutes later, Williams was arrested for a possible gun violation ... but Love insists he is NOT the person who called the cops. "I am just extremely upset that his punk ass would pull a gun out on me and even play with me like that," Love says ... adding, "He better chill his ass out." Katt was released from custody that night. After being released, Williams told us he did nothing wrong. As for Faizon's allegations -- we reached out to Katt ... so far no response. (TMZ)

Reports of Williams getting taken into police custody landed online Wednesday (October 17).

Reportedly, police were summoned when someone at the Supper Club called in a complaint about a patron brandishing a gun. When police officers arrived at the club, all fingers pointed to Williams as the possible suspect who had been waving a gun around. When officers searched Williams, they did not discover a weapon on him but did discover one his vehicle. (News One)

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