5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Information Age: "It Will Keep Us From Kicking In Your Door!"

Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 9:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Dead Prez (stic.man & M-1)

[Six years since their collaborative EP, Can't Sell Dope Forever, with the Outlawz, and eight years since the group's last album, RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta, Dead Prez is hitting the streets once again with their latest project, Information Age. Bringing "motivational lyrics" and beat to rock to, the Florida duo is ready to kick your door down if you think you can find something better than this. Need a little more inspiration to buy the album, check out stic.man and M-1's top five reasons to buy Information Age.]

1. Karate!!!

Well, I know karate! If you don't buy the album I'm gonna chop your ass down! (stic.man)

2. Don't Miss Out

It's the best album that will be out right now on the 16th. It will be the hottest thing that you will be able to think about putting your hands on. So if you're not buying it, you're missing out. (M-1)

3. Music For The Soul

Buy it because it's motivational lyrics to think outside the box. It has substance; it's not just empty. It's Whole Foods verses fast food. (stic.man)

4. Just Dance

Buy it because you can dance to it! And it's motivational like stic said. You can move to it, or work out to it, or run to it. You can get your blood pumping to it. It's great energy music. (M-1)

5. Save Yourself

You should buy it because it will keep us from kicking in your door for reparations. (stic.man)

You decide. Will you save yourself from getting your door chopped down and purchase Dead Prez's new album?

To preview/purchase Information Age, just click here.

SOHH/Information Age Contest:

Wanna chance to win your own copy of Information Age? Here's what you gotta do:

1 - Follow @sohh and @sohhdotcom

2 - Beginning around 300 PM EST, start checking out SOHH's Twitter accounts for question(s) based on Dead Prez's five reasons to buy Information Age. Make sure when you answer the question you mention #SOHH5 and @sticrbg and @m1deadprez in your response. G'luck!

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